RudderStack Product News Vol. #006 - Better Data Reporting

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Better data reporting

Our latest sprint focused on improving data reporting in multiple views of the product and adding several marketing integrations.

Here are the details:

Transformations Live Debugger

Our Transformations feature has always provided you the ability to test your code on multiple types of events, but we didn't provide a way to debug transformations on live data.

If a destination has a Transformation applied, you can use the Transformations Live Debugger to get detailed information about the incoming and outgoing payloads, including any errors.

As always, privacy is one of our top concerns. This update maintains our commitment to never store your data—all data in the Transformations Live Debugger is temporarily streamed to the control plane and deleted when you close the debugger, or after 5 minutes (whichever happens first).

Current users should see this update on their instances as early as next week.

Here's a preview of the new Transformations Live Debugger interface:

Warehouse Destination Sync History & Detail

You can now see a detailed history of all of your warehouse data syncs, including key metrics like number of events synced, events successfully delivered to the warehouse, rejected events (and related errors), and more.

Note that the syncs view includes syncs from both SDK and cloud sources.

Reverse ETL Sync History & Detail

In addition to warehouse destination syncs, we now provide sync details for Reverse ETL when you send data from your warehouse to downstream destinations.

Drill into your Reverse ETL sources to see these syncs.

Integrations - New Marketing Sources & Destinations

Extole source

Extole is a referral and advocacy platform used by enterprise marketing teams. We worked with several of our customers to develop an Extole source, making it easier to add referral touchpoints to customer journey analyses. Read more in our docs.

New ad platform destinations (Bing & Pinterest)

You can simplify your advertising script setup (and keep your marketing team happy!) by using RudderStack to send conversions directly to ad platforms.

Our latest ad platform destinations are Bing Ads (docs here) and Pinterest Ads (docs here).

And don’t forget you can see a full list of supported ad platforms in the Advertising Destinations section of our docs.

Mobile support for CleverTap marketing destination

We previously supported only the web sources for sending data to CleverTap, a customer engagement platform.

We now support mobile sources, including Android, iOS and React Native, meaning you can activate the entire customer journey across devices with RudderStack data. Read more in our docs.

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May 25, 2021
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing