Feature Launch: Real-time Braze Dedupe

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Braze is a top destination in RudderStack. Our customers love the platform's flexibility and its data-forward approach to customer engagement. For marketing and growth teams, it’s an indispensable tool for driving customer acquisition and retention.

For teams that send a large number of similar events or profile updates, however, Braze’s data point-based pricing can become a pain point at scale. Under this model, data point consumption includes unchanged data. So, it’s easy to incur large overages based on duplicate data because you are charged for the same data point multiple times.

Braze recommends users prevent sending duplicate data in order to minimize data point consumption, but this is easier said than done and often requires instrumentation hacks. Several customers brought this to our attention, so we worked with Braze to create a best-in-class solution.

Today, we’re releasing Braze Deduplication to solve the problem at the source. With the new feature, you can enable real-time deduplication with just one click. Toggle it on, and RudderStack will automatically prevent duplicate data from being sent to Braze, so you can save data points and avoid billing overages.

Eliminate unnecessary Braze overages

Our conversations with customers made it clear that many were struggling with Braze’s data point pricing. Some had incurred overages to the tune of 15K! While data point pricing makes sense from a best practices perspective, dealing with duplicate data while maintaining velocity in the real world is difficult.

If RudderStack could do [Braze data deduplication] out-of-the-box, it would simplify the lives of many of your customers

Richard Oastler, Head of Data Engineering at Dojo

Many of our customers had either implemented or were working on custom deduplication workarounds to avoid paying for data point consumption that wasn’t providing value. We recognized the opportunity to deliver a robust solution that would simplify deduplication for all Braze users.

One-click, real-time data deduplication

Our Braze Deduplication feature automatically prevents duplicate traits from RudderStack




calls from being sent to Braze. No more custom work, and no more accidental overages from duplicate data points.

Our beta customers consistently see 75-100% reduction in week-over-week data point consumption using our new deduplication feature.

Amy Ng, Product Manager at RudderStack

Deduplication is a powerful feature that can immediately impact your Braze bill. Our beta customers consistently see 75-100% reduction in week-over-week data point consumption, and in cases of high scale, they’ve seen a 5-10x decrease.

Braze Deduplication is available in both Cloud Mode and Device Mode for Event Stream and for Reverse ETL. In evaluating our options to create the feature for Cloud Mode, we chose to leverage the Braze API instead of using a batch-based method. This was an important decision for two reasons:

  • Enables support for real-time use cases like personalization and trigger-based automations
  • Ensures up-to-date, accurate deduplication

Deduplication is another addition to our best-in-class integration with Braze, including Braze Currents as a source, hybrid mode deployment, and real-time event streaming.

Get Started

You can start deduping the data you send to Braze today with just a few simple steps. Simply generate an API key in Braze, add it to your destination configuration in RudderStack, and toggle on ‘Deduplicate Traits.’

If you’re a current RudderStack customer and already have your Braze integration set up, just navigate to the configuration and turn on the toggle. Check out our Braze Deduplication docs for all the details.

Start deduplicating the data you send to Braze today

Get a demo with our team today to learn more about our best-in-class integrations with Braze

September 21, 2023
Amy Ng

Amy Ng

Product Director at RudderStack