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Premium Cloud ELT and Reverse-ETL Features are Now Available in RudderStack Cloud Free

Written by
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing
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Data stacks are becoming more complex as both the volume and use cases for data proliferate across companies. That’s one significant reason we believe that engineering should own the customer data stack.

It’s also why we are focused on building a unified pipeline—one place for data engineers and developers to manage all of their key customer data pipelines. There’s still a huge amount of work to do to accomplish our mission, but we’ve made some big strides over the last six months.

Back in November, we launched our free tier, RudderStack Cloud Free, which enabled users to send up to 500,000 events per month for free through our Event Stream pipeline. A lot of people liked it: over 1000 people have signed up and used the product.

We introduced two additional pipelines in January: our Reverse ETL and cloud ELT pipeline features.

These features were a huge step in unification, enabling data engineers to manage all three primary pipelines in the customer data stack through RudderStack.

Until now, though, only the Event Stream pipeline was available through the free tier. Now that many of our customers have activated on Reverse ETL and ETL, we’re excited to make them available to all free-tier users as well.

Here’s a quick overview of the new features:

Reverse ETL

RudderStack Reverse ETL feature turns your warehouse into a data source, translating rows into configurable JSON payloads that can be sent to hundreds of tools across your stack, from Salesforce to Zendesk to Kafka and even webhooks.

Our customers use Reverse ETL for all sorts of use cases, from enriching leads with product data to sending cleansed internal events (like transactional data). Best of all, because we translate each row into an event, you can use our Transformations feature to configure the payloads for each downstream destination.

ELT Pipelines

RudderStack ETL is our cloud ELT feature. It gives you out-of-the-box integrations with popular cloud sources – such as Salesforce, Customer.io, Google AdWords, and even Google Sheets – that make it easy to build cloud-to-warehouse pipelines.

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May 4, 2021