Introducing Reverse ETL Audiences

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Your most valuable audiences live in your warehouse, where you combine user data with other important data like demographics, transactions and more and maintain a consistent source of truth. Previously, data teams were able activate that data by syncing tables or SQL queries to downstream tools.

Today we are excited to empower business teams to leverage that same source of truth through a no-code audience builder.

Use your Data Warehouse as a Single Source of Truth

Our goal at RudderStack is to empower data teams to use the data warehouse as a single source of truth. When you have full visibility on your source of truth, you can minimize data discrepancies, curate your customer attributes, and have clear audit trails on how data is used in marketing and sales applications.

With the ability to sync one source to many destinations, we ensure that the audiences you build are identical across your ads retargeting, engagement platform, and CRM applications.

A No-code Audience Builder

Business users can now use our no-code audience builder to design and iterate on their audiences. The builder supports column-level filtering, nested conditions, and custom SQL snippets to handle unique scenarios.

In addition, the data team has full visibility into the SQL queries generated by our audience builder so they can easily build trust in how these audiences are being generated.

Efficient and Customizable Data Syncs

All our Reverse ETL syncs are incremental and only sync when source data changes. Additional customization on sync schedules include recurring syncs, cron, or API / Airflow triggers for dependency management.

Start activating your most valuable audiences today

Reverse ETL Audiences is generally available and supports 14 destinations. Learn more about Reverse ETL & Audiences in the docs or request a personalized demo for you and your team.

February 23, 2023

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing