Feature launch: Sprig integration

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At RudderStack, we love Sprig. So do many of our customers. The user insights platform helps you build better products by making it easy to capture targeted insights from the right users directly in your product. Sprig provides surveys and replays that make it possible to understand the user experience from your customer’s perspective and find out precisely what they’re thinking.

Sprig’s in-product surveys are truly best-in-class. They’re easy to implement, provide a great experience, and allow you to capture rich and relevant insights from your users’ live reactions. Now, with RudderStack and Sprig, you can accomplish even more by ensuring you surface hyper-targeted, context-specific surveys to the right people at the right time.

Understand why with in-product surveys

When you use RudderStack for data collection and integration, you can get detailed answers about who interacts with your product and what they do on your website or app. But there’s still the why, and understanding why your users take their actions is critical to building better products. Qualitative user insights are the key to uncovering why, but traditional methods to gather these take time and are hard to scale.

You can overcome this challenge with in-product surveys. They allow you to generate specific insights from your users at scale. Best of all, in-product surveys aren’t subject to recall bias because users complete them in real time while using your product. However, implementing in-product surveys carries risk. If your surveys introduce too much friction and compromise the user experience, you’ll end up with bad survey results and disgruntled users. Plus, to make the most of the responses from in-product surveys, you need to account for context.

If you want to take full advantage of in-product surveys, you need a seamless way to survey just the right users at just the right time. That’s where RudderStack and Sprig come in.

Better together: RudderStack & Sprig

With our Sprig integration, you can finally understand your user experience on every level. Sprig’s Surveys product seamlessly delivers surveys within your product flow, and with data from RudderStack, you can use rich context to target every survey to only the most relevant, helpful users.

“Sprig has seen excellent traction lately. We recently started using the tool here at RudderStack, and it’s added a whole new dimension to our user understanding. Combining Sprig and RudderStack, we’re able to get granular insights to understand who our users are, what actions they’re taking in our product, and why they’re taking those actions.“

Amy Ng

Moreover, our integration enables you to load one SDK and leverage both device mode and cloud mode connections to Sprig so you can maintain the highest level of product performance while enjoying all Sprig has to offer. While device mode loads Sprig’s native SDK to capture any event data automatically generated by the SDK, cloud mode sends data through RudderStack’s server and allows for faster, more reliable first-party data capture.

Additionally, when you use RudderStack to send your data to Sprig, you can send the same user behavior data to 200+ tools to further supplement your insights.

Getting started:

Want to leverage hyper-targeted, context-specific, in-product surveys across web and mobile? It’s easy to get started. Sign up for a free RudderStack account if you haven’t already. From there, you can start sending sending data to Sprig in just a few steps:

  1. Add your product as a data source
  2. Add Sprig as a destination
  3. Configure your integration
  4. Start sending data!

Reference our quickstart guide and Sprig destination documentation for more details.

Understand your user experience on every level

Sign up for RudderStack today and connect to Sprig to get rich user insights from in-product surveys

January 23, 2024
Amy Ng

Amy Ng

Product Director at RudderStack