Real-time pipelines that put you in command

Easily collect first-party event data from every source, and send it to any destination, with a purpose-built toolset

40,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Simplify your first-party data stack

Don’t choose between productivity or control

Don't waste time building and maintaining integrations or use an inflexible vendor and give up control. Our powerful customer data tools are built for dev and data teams.

Move fast with purpose-built pipelines

RudderStack removes the burden of building event pipelines and maintaining integrations, freeing you up to deliver real-time data that drives results

Simplifying and centralizing data collection

Learn how to eliminate duplicate data flows and custom integration work with a single, unified data layer

Set up reliable data integrations fast

With over 200 pre-built integrations, including 16 SDKs, you can connect new data sources to your entire stack in a matter of minutes.

Simplify first-party data collection

Capture standardized data with a single SDK and send it to your entire stack.

Centralize and customize integrations

Manage customer data integration for your entire stack in one central platform.

Adapt quickly without custom code

Transform data in flight, and add new data sources or destinations to your stack without heavy instrumentation.

Case Study

Joybird reduces integration work by 93%

Learn how the team at Joybird reduced the time their data engineers spend building and maintaining integrations by 93%

Joybird logo

“RudderStack gives us the best of both worlds. We activate event stream data in real-time, and we send to Snowflake and join it with other data to create richer customer profiles that we can send downstream via Reverse-ETL.”

Brett Trani, Director of Analytics at Joybird

Full control from collection to delivery

Other data collection tools store a copy of your data and create data silos. RudderStack doesn’t store your data, and our powerful features give you both flexibility and control across the entire data activation lifecycle.

A single API for event collection

Collect data from every source with a single API and standardized event schemas.

Real-time event transformations

Transform events with code to fix bad data and enrich payloads, all without opening a dev ticket.

Data lake event replay

Play back events from your own object storage for diagnostics, testing, and enrichment.

200+ out of the box integrations

Stream data to your entire stack, from marketing and product tools to Kafka, Snowflake, and Redis.

Anonymous user tracking

Automatically track anonymous users, identify them, and create records in downstream tools.

16+server and client-side SDKs

Collect data from every website, application, and device with our expansive SDK library.

Deliver clean data to every team in real time

You don’t have to choose between two bad options. RudderStack simplifies customer data collection and delivery while giving you full control. When you use RudderStack to solve your data integration challenges, you can spend more time using your data to drive better outcomes across your business.

Rapidly respond to data requests

Set up new integrations, make modifications, and address the needs of your business stakeholders fast.

Troubleshoot with global observability

Monitor every pipeline to identify and fix issues without jumping between tools or creating tickets for your dev team.

Quickly ship real-time data products

Deliver clean, trustworthy data to every business tool and every system in real time to unlock powerful use cases for every team.

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