Feature launch: LaunchDarkly Segments

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With feature flags and segmentation, LaunchDarkly makes it possible for you to deliver seamless, tailored experiences to every user. But to deliver the right experience to the right user you need data. That’s where RudderStack comes in.

RudderStack makes it easy for you to collect rich behavioral data about every user and centralize it in your data warehouse. In the warehouse, you can create a continuously updated customer 360 table, and this table can serve as a single source of truth to power use cases throughout your organization – including delivering targeted software experiences with LaunchDarkly.

Best of all, with LaunchDarkly Segments, you can now automatically sync segments from your warehouse to LaunchDarkly, enabling you to deliver customized experiences to the users from those cohorts.

Continuously updated without the manual labor

Manually creating segments in a siloed tool, exporting them to a CSV, and then uploading them to LaunchDarkly wastes time, opens the door to human error, and impacts the end-user experience. Automating the process with LaunchDarkly Segments gives you time back, and it ensures the right users always get the right experience with continuous updates.

Activating LaunchDarkly Segments through RudderStack

LaunchDarkly supports Synced segments which are simply segments backed by an external data store. With RudderStack LaunchDarkly segments, you’re able to create segments in your data warehouse, taking advantage of all the available customer data, and using it as a single source of truth. Your LaunchDarkly Segments connection then uses Reverse ETL to automatically sync these segments from your data warehouse to LaunchDarkly where you can use them to enable feature flag targeting.

Once connected, all changes to your segment in the warehouse will automatically sync to LaunchDarkly which will begin using the up-to-date segment for all relevant feature flags in near real-time. Our LaunchDarkly Segments integration even includes a setting that lets you associate OneTrust cookie consent groups to LaunchDarkly.

"With this partnership, the data in your warehouse becomes even more powerful. You can leverage the LaunchDarkly integration to target your feature flags for specific customer segments that live in your warehouse while resting assured those segments remain updated in real-time”

Amy Ng, Director of Product at RudderStack

Get started

LaunchDarkly Segments is now available to all RudderStack users. To learn more, check out our docs for Setting up Launchdarkly segments and creating a Reverse ETL connection. If you want to base your feature flag targeting on the most relevant, recent data and eliminate the tedious, repetitive work required to create and update your segments in LaunchDarkly, schedule a demo with our team today.

Automatically sync segments from your warehouse to LaunchDarkly

Schedule a demo with our team today to learn more about LaunchDarkly Segments

November 7, 2023

Amy Ng

Product Director at RudderStack