Set Up LaunchDarkly Segments

Send your event data from RudderStack to LaunchDarkly Segments.

This guide will help you set up LaunchDarkly Segments as a destination in RudderStack when connecting to a Reverse ETL source.

This guide assumes you have already set up a Reverse ETL source in RudderStack.


In your RudderStack dashboard, go to Directory > Destinations > Cloud Destinations and search for LaunchDarkly Segments.

Connection settings

To successfully configure LaunchDarkly Segments as a destination, you need to configure the following settings:

  • Name: Specify a unique name to identify the destination in RudderStack.
  • Access Token: Enter the LaunchDarkly access token that RudderStack uses to sync the data.
Make sure the access token has write access. See LaunchDarkly documentation for more information on creating access tokens.
  • Client Side ID: Enter the client-side ID for your LaunchDarkly project and environment. See FAQ for more information on obtaining this ID.
  • Audience ID: Enter the Audience ID that you want to sync. RudderStack uses this ID to create or update a segment (or audience/cohort) in LaunchDarkly.
  • Audience Name: Enter the name of the audience that you want to sync.

Destination settings

  • Audience Type: Enter the audience type. RudderStack maps this field to LaunchDarkly’s context kind. If not specified, LaunchDarkly sets this field to user by default.

Other settings

  • OneTrust Cookie Categories: This setting lets you associate the OneTrust cookie consent groups to LaunchDarkly.

audienceList event structure

The following code snippet shows a sample audienceList call made to LaunchDarkly:

  "type": "audiencelist",
  "properties": {
    "listData": {
      "add": [{
        "id": "user-1234"
      "remove": [{
        "id": "user-5678"

Property mappings

RudderStack maps the following properties to specific LaunchDarkly fields:

RudderStack propertyLaunchDarkly property
From RudderStack dashboard
From RudderStack dashboard
From RudderStack dashboard
From RudderStack dashboard
Selected while setting the mappings (Choose identifier setting)
add or remove listbatch


Where can I find the LaunchDarkly Client-side ID?

  1. Log in to your LaunchDarkly dashboard.
  2. Select your project:
LaunchDarkly projects
  1. Navigate to Account settings > Projects.
  2. You will see the client-side ID for your project here.
LaunchDarkly client-side ID

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