Feature Launch: Real-time Activation API

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In June of this year, we successfully launched RudderStack Profiles at Snowflake Summit, empowering data professionals to create a complete, accurate view of customers in their warehouse in days instead of months.

Today, we are excited to announce the Early Access launch of our Activation API, which enables real-time access to your customer 360.

The Activation API extends Profiles to every corner of the enterprise through the power of a RudderStack-managed API. Now, anyone in the company can pull the exact data they need in real time using a single API integration. In particular, this makes the customer 360 views built in Profiles available to dev teams to integrate into apps, websites, and platforms.

Personalization is a vital unlock for modern businesses, and data APIs are the key to bringing personalization in real time to any user experience. However, building a data API internally is a time-consuming and potentially costly process. Developing a data API requires substantial upfront work of defining, designing, coding, testing, and publishing the API, followed by the required ongoing monitoring and maintenance. The Activation API removes all that work, allowing you to focus on activation instead of implementation.

Using the Activation API with Profiles is simple. After your Profiles projects complete running, your customer 360 data is automatically synced to a Redis instance through a RudderStack reverse ETL job. The Activation API sits on top of that Redis instance. It provides a single endpoint for accessing all your Profile projects, giving you all the benefits of an API without the development and maintenance costs.

Here’s how our customers are using the Activation API

eCommerce industry: Redefining online shopping

Winning in eCommerce is all about sophisticated targeting and personalization. Having a complete view of the customer enables brands to personalize every piece of the shopping experience, starting with the home page.

1st party data can be combined with ML-enabled features to provide relevant, hyper-personalized product recommendations and messaging. This leads to higher conversion rates and larger average order values. The Activation API provides the required order history, product and page views, and ML features in real time.

Media industry: Boosting content engagement

Effective customer 360 implementations have revolutionized how content gets produced, selected, and distributed in the media sector.

Acting on that 360-view in real-time enables hyper-personalized content recommendations that increase customer engagement and view time. They are also used to maximize ad efficacy and ROI through precise ad targeting utilizing. The Activation API provides viewing history and next content recommendation in real time, resulting in maximum audience engagement.

Customer success: Support customers the way they want

Customer interactions with Customer Success are make-or-break events for companies. From the first contact, real-time Customer 360 gives companies an edge, allowing for properly prioritized support for their highest value and most loyal customers.

Customer 360 also supports agents by providing a complete view and recommending customized support, including personalized upsell and cross recommendations to help solve and resolve issues. The Activation API provides customer purchase history, loyalty status, and recommendations in real time.

Your data, your data store

RudderStack is warehouse native, meaning you own your data, no matter the product or feature.

The Activation API sits on top of a Redis instance. That instance can be hosted by RudderStack or hosted by you internally, giving your data team options for security and governance.

Get started

The Activation API extends Profiles through the power of a RudderStack managed API, giving you all the benefits of an API without the development and maintenance work. It makes your customer 360 available to the entire business, including your development teams, to integrate into all your services—all while giving you control over your data and security by allowing you to keep your data in your infrastructure.

Contact us today to join the Early Access Program for the Activation API and learn how RudderStack can help you drive more value from your data in real-time.

September 26, 2023
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing