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Real-time event streaming for customer data

Quickly deploy flexible, powerful customer data pipelines, then send the data to your entire stack—without the engineering headache.
  • Build the foundation of a CDP on your warehouse

  • API compatible with Segment for easy migration

  • Transform data in-transit with JavaScript or Python

  • Enforce data governance across the entire pipeline

  • Save time with 180+ out of the box integrations

18,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Open-source, enterprise-ready and built for the modern stack

  • Easily integrate your entire stack

    Spare your data engineers the headache. Our 180+ integrations, along with custom webhook sources and destinations, save data teams hundred of hours.

  • Identity resolution included

    Say goodbye to different versions of the truth. Our SDKs track anonymous and known users at the source and reconcile users in your warehouse and SaaS tools.

  • Build a CDP on your own warehouse

    Go beyond event streaming and control all of your customer data on your own terms. Learn how we can help you build a customer data platform.

Join companies like Stripe, Priceline and Grafana who build their CDPs with RudderStack

“We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our real-time customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online.”


- Chris Frye
Director of Digital Architecture at Crate and Barrel

Key Features

  • Identity resolution for anonymous and known users

  • Multi-node, horizontal scaling for billions of events

  • Flexible schemas and API spec for all event types

  • Data lake and object storage destinations

  • Custom payload transformations with JavaScript or Python

  • Out-of-the-box Integrations

Why run RudderStack?

  • Build a complete view of the customer on your warehouse

    RudderStack’s full platform enables you to collect every customer data point from your stack, then combine it for full visibility—all on your own data store.

  • Activate data from any source, including your warehouse

    No matter the source or destination, our Event Stream and Reverse ETL pipelines can activate data from any source, even your warehouse or data lake.

  • Real-time customer experiences

    Automatically send event data to marketing, sales and infrastructure tools in real-time to drive powerful customer experiences.

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Start building smarter customer data pipelines today with RudderStack. Our solutions engineering team is here to help.