Deliver trustworthy, real-time data

RudderStack makes it easy to collect and send customer data to the tools and teams that need it

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30,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Built to deliver on your data strategy

RudderStack is the Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform

We don't store any data, giving you full ownership and transparency

We build a complete view of your customer on your data warehouse

We are purpose-built for technical data teams and engineers

Stream clean event data to your warehouse, data lake and SaaS tools

  • Centralize customer event data in your warehouse or data lake

  • Save precious data engineering time with 200+ out of the box integrations

  • Build confidence in your data through powerful governance and transformations

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Ship powerful data projects that move the needle

Data leaders choose RudderStack to drive business growth 
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Loveholidays increased conversion 2x through personalized experiences


Recommendation Models


Canada Drives decreased CAC by 20% using better data for recommendations


Full-funnel attribution


Proposify optimized spend by analyzing their entire customer journey


Key features

RudderStack’s Warehouse Native CDP helps data teams collect, unify and activate customer data

Event Streaming

Deploy enterprise-grade event stream pipelines from 16+ SDKs

Event Transformations

Write JavaScript or Python to fix bad data, hit 3rd-party APIs, and more

Data Governance

Enforce tracking plans, flag violations and manage PII by destination

Warehouses & Data Lakes

Populate standardized schemas with best-in-class load schedules

200+ Destinations

From marketing tools to Kafka and Redis, we’ve got you covered

Reverse ETL

Send enriched warehouse data to every team in their own tools

The Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform

RudderStack is the Warehouse Native CDP, built to help data teams deliver value across the entire data activation lifecycle, from collection to unification and activation.

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