Warehouse Native CDP

Run a flexible, secure, end-to-end customer data platform
on your warehouse with RudderStack

Innovative brands use RudderStack to build their warehouse native CDP

The warehouse native advantage

‎Built to deliver on your data strategyFrom real-time data activation across every tool, to advanced projects like churn prediction and personalization, RudderStack's integrated, end-to-end platform is built to deliver on every stage of your data strategy.
Lower total cost of ownership

Unlock the value of your warehouse, deprecate inflexible SaaS, and spend engineering resources on projects that deliver value - not integration and maintenance work.

Powerful, flexible tooling

Transform and activate events in real-time for endless flexibility and scalability. RudderStack built the tools your data team needs to deliver the results your business depends on.

Security and compliance out-of-the-box

RudderStack does not store your data, giving you full control and transparency in your own warehouse. Use Transformations for secure and compliant data from source to destination.


When it came down to deciding the right solution, there wasn’t a question. We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our warehouse native customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online.

Chris Frye, Director of Digital Architecture, Crate & Barrel

Turn customer data into competitive advantage

RudderStack supports every stage of your data's journey to activation,
empowering your team to deliver value and build trust in data

RudderStack's Warehouse Native CDP

Deliver value at every stage of the data activation lifecycle. With RudderStack, you get the benefits of an integrated, end-to-end platform and the security and control of your own data warehouse.

Collect and integrate trustworthy, real-time customer data

Deliver reliable, real-time data from all sources to your warehouse, data lake, and business tools with RudderStack Event Stream and Cloud Extract ETL.

Unify every customer data point to create a true customer 360

Accelerate time-to-value by automating identity resolution and building complete customer profiles in your warehouse with RudderStack Profiles.

Activate real-time data and complete profiles across every tool and team

Trigger marketing engagement, real-time analytics, and consistent first-party data across tools with Event Stream. Personalize experiences, reduce churn, and boost customer LTV with Reverse ETL.

Increase ROI from your warehouse

Your warehouse is an investment. Turn your warehouse or data lake into
your CDP and single source of truth with RudderStack


Engineering efficiency

Joybird’s data engineering team reduced time spent building and maintaining integrations by 93% with RudderStack. With our warehouse native CDP, Joybird’s marketing team can now deliver real-time personalization at scale.

Joybird logo
“RudderStack’s warehouse-first approach gives us the best of both worlds. We have the event data streams that we can activate in real-time. We also send the event data to Snowflake and join it with data from different CRM services to create a richer customer profile that we can then send downstream via Reverse-ETL.”

Brett Trani, Director of Data and Analytics
Joybird / La-Z-Boy

Help every team deliver powerful customer experiences

Data leaders choose RudderStack to drive business growth through advanced use cases


Improve customer experience and engagement with a personalization engine built on top of your warehouse with RudderStack

Machine learning

Accelerate ML/AI projects like churn prediction, customer LTV, and product recommendations with complete profiles across all tools


Give business teams the unified customer view and visibility they need to make informed and impactful customer decisions

Built-in security and compliance

  • We do not store your data, giving you complete
    ownership, control and transparency

  • Enterprise-ready security features like SSO,
    SSH tunneling, permissions and management,
    and audit logs

  • Industry-standard compliance with SOC2,HIPAA,
    and GDPR and transformations to protect data at the source

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