A comprehensive look at the modern stack


Join RudderStack's own Eric Dodds and Kostas Pardalis, hosts of The Data Stack Show, for a special live episode with experts from Databricks, dbt, Fivetran, Essence VC, and Hinge.

The panel will bring you a comprehensive view of The Modern Data Stack. You'll get expert insight from representatives of core stack tooling, a senior data engineer who works in the stack every day, and an investor focused on data infrastructure tooling.

What the panel will cover:

  • The components of the modern data stack

  • How the modern data stack benefits today's data teams

  • The future of the data stack


Paul Boccaccio
Senior Data Engineer at Hinge

Brandon Chen
Manager of Technical Product Marketing at Fivetran

Amy Deora
Director of Partnerships at dbt Labs

Jason Pohl
Principal Solution Architect - Data Management Lead at Databricks

Timothy Chen
General Partner at Essence VC

Eric Dodds
Growth at RudderStack

Eric leads growth at RudderStack and has a long history of helping companies architect customer data stacks to use their data to grow.

Kostas Pardalis
Head of Developer Experience at RudderStack