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Build truly complete customer profiles

Implement scalable identity resolution in your warehouse for a complete picture of your customer

40,000+ sites and apps run RudderStack

Easily combine customer data from every source

From I think we found everything…

Fragmented data, models, and queries lead to incomplete profiles, slowing down business teams and creating low-value work for data and analytics teams.

...to We know our customers

Use all of the data in your warehouse to solve identity resolution at the source, compute complex user traits, and build a true customer 360.

The Identity Resolution Playbook

Explore RudderStack's complete guide to identity resolution, including methodologies, best practices, required tooling, and real-world case studies.

Be confident in your customer 360

RudderStack employs a warehouse native identity merging solution to deliver accurate, transparent customer profiles without complex modeling.

Accelerate AI and ML projects

Quickly deliver model-ready data sets and user features to your AI and ML teams.

Automate identity resolution

Seamlessly generate identity graphs from any combination of unique identifiers across any number data sources.

Save time on modeling and maintenance

Time spent maintaining is time not spent building. Focus on high-impact feature development, not tedious data wrangling.

How Wyze doubled AI model output

‎Learn how Wyze used clean data and complete customer profiles to accelerate their AI projects, doubling output and accelerating marketing conversions.

"RudderStack Profiles is a major time saver on stitching together our customers’ data. Setup was fast, performant, and most importantly, all built inside our warehouse. We finally have a reliable 360 view of our customers."

Thoren Palacio, Data Leader at TommyJohn

Simplify customer 360 projects with a complete toolkit

RudderStack’s streamlined Profiles product includes all of the tools data teams need to build identity graphs, compute user features, and collaborate with other teams on data requests.

Accurate customer profiles

Find and unify every customer touchpoint across data sources in your warehouse or data lake.

Warehouse native architecture

Configure fully transparent identity graphs and models that run as SQL in your warehouse, not a black box.

Identity graphs for any entity

Flexible identity graphs can model any entity relationship, from users to accounts and households.

UI and code-based workflows

Seamlessly shift between UI and code with Git version control, YAML-based configs, and a CLI toolkit.

Real-time de-duplication

Automatically detect and merge user identities as they flow into your data warehouse.

User deletion and suppression

Simplify requests for user suppression and deletion with a robust API and ID graph.

Ship customer data products, not tickets‎

‎With comprehensive and accurate customer profiles, data teams streamline their workflows, improve trust, and collaborate with stakeholders to build powerful data products. RudderStack's Identity Resolution Toolkit automates the hard work, freeing data teams to deliver more value.

Focus on innovation, not maintenance
With automated identity stitching, your data and analytics teams can focus on high-value work.

Effortlessly integrate new data sources
Onboard new data sources into your identity graph seamlessly, without re-writing any code.

Drive better outcomes with better data
Build stakeholder trust through complete, unified, and validated customer profiles that drive your business forward.

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