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The Identity Resolution Playbook

If you’re a data leader who wants to solve identity resolution at the source and activate complete customer profiles to turn your work into revenue, this guide, written by experts with decades of experience, is for you.

Deliver on your data strategy with complete customer profiles

Quickly ship revenue-driving projects that rely on a complete view of your customer.


“Our discussions are no longer about opinions. Knowing our data is reliable allows us to increase revenues, save money, and mitigate risks to our business without relying on faulty feedback, intuition, or educated guesses.”

John Marbach, Data Leader at Grafana Labs

Solve identity resolution at the source

You don't have to get stuck building pipelines and cleaning data. Learn how to build and scale complete customer profiles on your warehouse with best practices for data collection and identity graph creation.

Eliminate engineering waste and compute overages

Managing pipelines and models distracts your team from focusing on projects that move the needle—and writing more SQL only makes things worse. Learn how to automate pipelines, design profile schemas and leverage a configuration-based approach to build a cost-efficient system and get valuable time back.

CDP approaches and architecture guides

The CDP, data modeling and activation space can be confusing. Learn how top data teams architect their stacks to build complete, efficient, actionable customer profiles.

RudderStack is the Warehouse Native CDP

Our end-to-end platform collects trustworthy data, solves identity resolution in your warehouse and helps your team activate enriched customer profiles.