Feeling stuck with Segment? Say 👋 to RudderStack.

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Feeling stuck with Segment? Say  to RudderStack

Don’t pay for another SaaS data silo. Take control of your customer data with RudderStack.

Everything you need to know about RudderStack vs Segment

Top companies are driving efficiency with RudderStack

Why do engineers choose RudderStack over Segment?

Learn why data engineer and migration specialist, Max Werner, went from Segment award-winner to RudderStack power-user and never looked back. Plus, get some pro-tips on how to take advantage of RudderStack’s engineering-friendly CDP features for full control of your customer data.


"We’re a cryptocurrency company, and data security is important to us. Segment stored our customer data in their database, whereas RudderStack allows us to encrypt and route it directly to our data lake and other downstream tools."

Hayden Ng, Head of Analytics, Magic Eden

We believe you should have power over your data.

Segment charges you a premium to keep a copy of your data.

What our customers are saying

"RudderStack helped bring our data stack to life"

Imo, Data Engineer

"Does everything Segment does + great transformations & reverse ETL features"

Joel, Product Manager

"Easy to use, fast support and excellent value for the money"

Ross, Analytics Engineer

Why choose RudderStack?

You should own your customer data

Customer data is one of your most valuable assets, and we treat it that way. RudderStack doesn’t store any of your data.

Data teams deserve data tooling

Get flexibility, rapid iteration, and integrated workflows. RudderStack’s code and API-based features meet you in your existing toolset.

A single source of truth is possible (it’s your warehouse)

Black boxes for customer profiles? No thanks. RudderStack turns your data warehouse into your single source of truth.

Say goodbye to compliance risks and overage fees

RudderStack’s Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform doesn’t store data, and we price on events – enabling you to securely collect and send as much first-party data as you need without breaking the bank. You can finally be a hero to marketing, infosec, and finance, all at once.

Take the pain out of integration work for good

RudderStack’s real-time, reusable JavaScript Transformations give you the functionality to rapidly fix bad data, customize connectors, and enrich payloads, all without touching code in your app or website.

Data science is training a new model but payloads need PII hashed
Your Salesforce CRM destination configuration needs track calls changed to identify calls
Marketing wants to enrich new customer profiles from an internal Redis data store

Ship personalization and recommendations faster

Break free from black boxes and slow APIs. RudderStack helps you collect and unify data from every data source to build complete profiles in your cloud data warehouse and real-time data store, meaning you can ship advanced activation use cases ten times faster.

Currently a Segment customer? Switching is easy

We’re API compatible with Twilio Segment

Simply switch the SDKs and update





You can use all of your existing data pipeline instrumentation and everything will just work (including warehouse schemas!)

If you have old app versions running Segment, you can send that data to RudderStack during the migration period

What about my anonymousIds from Segment?

We’ve got you covered. Just run the SDKs in parallel and RudderStack will automatically (yes, automatically) grab the Segment anonymousId and send it in our payload, so you won’t have any data inconsistency or interruption in downstream tools. When migration is complete, just remove the Segment SDK.

All you need to know about RudderStack and Segment

Get access to a full feature comparison, comprehensive migration guide, testimonials, and case studies in RudderStack vs Segment: The Definitive Guide.