Collect, enrich, and activate customer data with RudderStack and Snowflake

Gain meaningful insights in real-time through a warehouse native approach


Track, collect, and send data from a variety of sources

Gain a wholistic view of your customer all within your native data cloud.

Key benefits of the RudderStack and Snowflake integration

Accelerate time to value

Automatically generate an identity graph and over 30 event-based user features out of the box.

Configure complex identity graphs

Ensure your teams can deliver the right personalized messages, at the right time, with complete context on the customer.

Take action with funnels and semantic events

Profiles makes it easy for data teams to model both funnels and semantic events, then send that data directly to business tools.

Snowflake is an ideal Data Cloud for Your CDP

Features, values, and use cases that make a difference


Snowflake is fully GDPR- and CCPA-compliant, and uses cutting-edge encryption and data masking techniques for in-transit and at-rest data.

Speed and performance

Use near-unlimited, dedicated compute resources to support concurrent data queries without any impact on speed creating value for teams that run at extremely high scale.

Ease of management

Snowflake is simply easy to manage and requires less time to spend worrying about infrastructure, and more time focused on your product.

RudderStack and Snowflake in action

Learn how Wyze leverages RudderStack Profiles to transform their data strategies within Snowflake.

10x increase in engineering productivity

Defining multiple events and automating nearly 50+ new user features into a data pipeline takes hours instead of weeks

Customer 360 view

Wyze is using customer 360 views to calculate propensity scores, tailor customer offers, and deliver personalized recommendations

Elimination of data silos

Wyze eliminated data silos by using RudderStack to build a warehouse native workflow centered around Snowflake

“RudderStack’s warehouse native approach eliminated the manual processes bogging down our data engineers. With clean data at their disposal and automated workflows to route it downstream, they started providing our AI/ML, marketing, and product teams with actionable information to drive new models and power new processes.”

Wei Zhou, Director of Data Engineering at Wyze

Ready to be warehouse native?

A warehouse-first approach to your CDP places the warehouse at the center of your customer data infrastructure, giving you full ownership, access to internal data, and maximum flexibility

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