Event Stream

Real-time event streaming for customer data

Quickly deploy flexible, powerful event streaming pipelines, then send the data to your entire stack—without the engineering headache.

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    Transform data in-transit

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    Stream data from any platform with 15+ SDKs

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    Flexible, customizable payloads

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    150+ integrations

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    Pre-defined schemas for warehouse destinations

Open-source, enterprise-ready and built for the modern stack

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    Best-in-class warehouse sync times

    Sync event stream data to your warehouse every 30 minutes… or faster if you want.

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    Identity resolution included

    Our SDKs track anonymous and known users at the source and update downstream tools in real-time.

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    Easily integrate your entire stack

    Our 150+ integrations, along with custom webhook sources and destinations, mean you can send data anywhere.

Join companies like Stripe, Priceline and Grafana who stream events through RudderStack.

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  • priceline

“We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our real-time customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online.”


- Chris Frye

Director of Digital Architecture at Crate and Barrel

Key features

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    Identity resolution for anonymous and known users

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    Multi-node, horizontal scaling for billions of events

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    Flexible schemas and API spec for all event types

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    Data lake and object storage destinations

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    Custom payload transformations with JavaScript

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    Cloud integrations

Top Event Stream use cases

  • Enable rich behavioral analytics

    Provide your analyst, product and marketing teams with rich, comprehensive behavioral data for every analytics use case.

  • Single source of truth in the warehouse

    Kill data silos at the root. RudderStack makes it easy to capture complete customer profiles and journeys in your cloud data warehouse.

  • Real-time customer experiences

    Automatically send data to marketing, sales and infrastructure tools in real-time to drive powerful customer experiences.

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