The Warehouse Native eCommerce CDP

Personalization, analytics, and data activation

RudderStack centralizes eCommerce integration and uses all of the data in your warehouse to help you drive growth

Leading eComm brands drive growth with RudderStack

Fuel every team and tool with the data to grow

Connect your existing data sources and automatically generate customer journeys, attribution analytics, and churn prediction directly in your warehouse—then deliver them to every team and tool.

Build a single source of truth

Unify ERP, payments, eComm, and ad performance data

Simplify tag management

Centralize integration management with a single script

Get accurate attribution

Understand true CPA and ROAS so you can spend with confidence

Personalize with all your data
Use comprehensive data to drive omni-channel personalization

Align data across tools

Ensure email, SMS, and other tools have the same data

Build rich audiences

Segment on all of your data to build high-performance audiences

Automated analytics and ML in your warehouse

Automatically centralize data from all your sources into the warehouse so that unified analytics and ML happen without manual data wrangling across silos.

Get rich, comprehensive analytics out of the box

Easily unify ERP, payments, and clickstream data

Get out-of-the-box churn scores, propensity scores, and LTV predictions

Crystal clear advertising attribution

Automatically capture web and mobile events, as well as ad performance data, into your warehouse so that accurate attribution analysis happens without reliance on ad platform data that isn’t in your control.

Tie every conversion to dollars spent

Analyze first, last, and multi-touch models

Improve ROAS and scale spend with confidence

The same data across every tool

Sync data across every customer engagement tool, so messaging and offers are coordinated across email, SMS, and other channels—without incomplete data.

Automatically sync the same data to every tool

Sync real-time events and warehouse data

Coordinate the entire customer journey with data

High-performance segments and audiences

Build rich customer profiles in your warehouse so that advanced segmentation and audience creation happen without the limitations in your existing tools or the need to open a ticket for the engineering team.

Use all of your data to create better audiences

Give non-technical users access to warehouse data

Segment on out-of-the-box analytics and predictive traits

Personalization in every tool, website, and app

Deliver complete profiles, product recommendations, and predictive traits to every tool to drive personalization across the customer journey.

Automatically sync personalized data to every tool

Use a real-time API for website personalization

Give non-technical users the ability to customize datasets

Simplified tag and event management

Manage all integrations and events through one script, sending the same data to every tool without complex tag management logic or tons of speed-killing snippets.

Maximize website performance

Simplify marketing ops and event instrumentation

Ship updates and fix data without dev tickets


When it came down to deciding the right solution, there wasn’t a question. We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our warehouse native customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online.

Chris Frye, Director of Digital Architecture, Crate & Barrel

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