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Deliver clean data across your stack

Our suite of data governance tools gives you the power to collect clean event data and enforce governance across the entire pipeline.

Data governance built for developers

Deploy and manage tracking plans via API

Maintain full control over tracking plans by managing them in your own repo, then pushing them to RudderStack via API.

Make instrumentation easy for your engineers

Our linting tool, RudderTyper, makes it easy for your engineers to instrument clean tracking that conforms with your tracking plan.

Get full access to event metadata via API

The Event Metadata API gives you visibility into schemas, event versions, key counts and more.

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"Data quality is always a challenge, but with RudderStack, our data is always ready to be used. The integration is seamless, and we’ve never had any data quality issues."

Hayden Ng Head of Analytics at Magic Eden

Key features

Linting for event instrumentation

Custom tracking plans

Tracking templates for eComm, gaming, mobile, SaaS and more

Event Metadata API

PII masking and encryption

Direct integration with Avo

Top Data Governance use cases

Easily enforce privacy policies

Our suite of data governance tools simplifies enforcement of your privacy policies for every tool in your customer data stack.

Go live faster with Tracking Plans & RudderTyper

Our Tracking Plan templates help you build consensus across teams and RudderTyper makes it easy for developers to instrument with accuracy.

Integrate governance into your existing workflow

Our Tracking Plan and Event Metadata APIs enable you to manage governance in RudderStack within your existing CI/CD process.

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