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RudderStack + BigQuery

Store, analyze, and activate customer data with BigQuery and RudderStack

Hundreds of sites and apps run RudderStack with BigQuery

RudderStack on BigQuery: A Scalable Customer Data Platform

BigQuery ML

Use Google’s BigQueryML together with the clickstream data collected and delivered using the RudderStack platform to predict customer churn.

Google Cloud Storage

Build the foundation of a CDP with RudderStack on top of BigQuery or Google Cloud Storage. Easily integrate your entire stack.

Join companies of all sizes who build their CDPs with RudderStack and BigQuery

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"Speed equals performance, which leads to better conversion rates. My team used RudderStack to build an in-house personalization engine that returns hotel recommendations in 20 milliseconds. That’s ten times faster than a third-party API, and our customers love it. We’ve seen a 2% uplift in conversions since launching this feature, which is rather impressive, and we’re saving $500,000 a year on SaaS costs"
David Annez Head of Engineering at loveholidays.com

Why choose RudderStack and BigQuery?

Customer 360
Customer 360

We build a complete view of your customer on your data warehouse


We don't store any data, giving you full ownership and transparency


We are purpose-built for technical data teams and engineers