What you can do with Userlist

Filter users based on their events and properties, along with getting a complete view of each individual user profile

Get a complete view of all the user profiles and their activity timeline to understand where each user is in their product journey

Segment users dynamically based on their behavior and get notified when a user joins or leaves a segment

Trigger automated email campaigns or in-app messages based on what users do within your application

Integrating Userlist is easy; however, manually setting up event data sources can be quite time-consuming. Also, delivering events to Userlist in real-time can also be an added challenge.

By integrating RudderStack with Userlist, you can choose from our libraries for different programming languages and frameworks to send your customer event data into Userlist from your preferred sources.

How to set up Userlist Integration

It’s straightforward! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Userlist as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Use RudderStack to Easily Route User Events to Userlist

The RudderStack-Userlist integration allows you to start sending your data from RudderStack in a few clicks. RudderStack supports sending your events to Userlist from the cloud mode S2S (Server to Server) by calling the relevant RudderStack APIs.

By Adding Userlist Support for RudderStack, you can:

  • Track user behavior data from multiple other services inside Userlist
  • View user activity, segment your users, and start sending behavior-based campaigns in no time
  • Record additional user events along with the properties associated with that event