What you can do with Quantum Metric

Use real-time customer data to prioritize upcoming features or products

Identify and diagnose issues in pre-production before deployment to reduce MTTI/MTTR

Measure page and resource performance before you deploy

Engage with visitors, help struggling customers, or enrich data based on real-time behaviors

Solve problems faster through live user sessions and real-time replays

How to set up the Quantum Metric integration

It's simple! Follow our step-by-step guide to set up Quantum Metric as a destination in RudderStack to get started in no time.


Quantify business opportunities in real-time with Quantum Metric and RudderStack

To integrate Quantum Metric as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you must first configure the SiteID. Once successfully configured, events from RudderStack will start flowing to Quantum Metric automatically.

By adding Quantum Metric as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you can:

  • Integrate your website with Quantum Metric to auto-track all your user data
  • Translate RudderStack customer events into Quantum Metric events to feed your customer analytics


How can we help you?

Quantum Metric offers full session replay capture, including page hits, scrolling, mouse movements, typing, and API calls. In addition, its event engine helps you capture the information you need to understand user experience and inform product improvements.

You can deploy the Quantum Metric JavaScript tag using a tag manager like Google Tag Manager, Tealium, Adobe Launch, etc. For native apps, it's a native library and one line of code to add the SDK to your application. Alternatively, you can use RudderStack.

Major retailers use Quantum Metric alerts to monitor broken paths during re-platforming initiatives.