Ometria Integration

Connect Ometria and send data to Ometria with Rudderstack.
DestinationEvent Stream

Integrate Ometria as a destination on the RudderStack dashboard to send your event data directly to Ometria without code. You simply need your Ometria API Token to configure Ometria as a destination. Once enabled, events from RudderStack will start flowing to Ometria directly.

By adding Ometria as a destination in the RudderStack dashboard, you can:

  • Automatically send all your customer event data directly to Ometria securely
  • Record all order-related information such as order_id, timestamp, currency, etc.
  • Manage SMS Marketing and Transactional messages based on customer preferences
Frequently Asked Questions

Ometria is a customer data and marketing solution helping retailers to increase CRM revenue through personalized marketing messages throughout the customer journey.

Ometria offers excellent CRM services to implement the optimal strategy for revenue growth.

Ometria replaces and upgrades your existing ESP. This helps you create efficient marketing experiences for your customers.

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About Ometria

Ometria is a customer data and marketing platform that enables retailers to create personalized experiences throughout the customer product journey. It leverages AI-powered insights and cross-channel marketing to send personalized marketing messages and thus, increase revenue.