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Connect Mixpanel and send data to Mixpanel with Rudderstack.
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Mixpanel makes extensive use of customer event data for product and behavioral analytics. RudderStack tracks and collects this data from your specified sources and sends it to Mixpanel in real-time. The integration is quite straightforward, and once enabled, RudderStack starts tracking all the information related to your users and their on-site activities. This information is then sent to Mixpanel in real-time in a format that it expects.

Add Mixpanel as a destination in RudderStack to:

  • Track and collect all your customer data from a variety of sources including web and mobile applications
  • Send the events to Mixpanel without worrying about transforming and readying it for analytics
  • Collect relevant events and details related to user engagement and other real time insights
  • Create and send events with custom properties without worrying about their compatibility with Mixpanel
Frequently Asked Questions

Mixpanel is a product analytics tool that provides user behavior insights by looking at the performance of your product - whether it’s on the web or mobile. This is in order to convert, engage, and retain more users.

Mixpanel comes with plenty of features for marketers and product owners to make better decisions in order to improve customer experience. Some of these features include:

  • Customizable dashboards: You can build highly customized dashboards with new visualization options, filter by cohorts and properties, and add customizable descriptions.
  • Behavioral segmentation: You can create user cohorts based on certain behaviors and use that information to nudge users towards value moments in your product.
  • Automated segment analysis: Mixpanel can surface segments that disproportionately contribute to conversion rates.
  • Correlation analysis tool: With Mixpanel’s correlation analysis tool, Signal, you can find your own “aha” moment.
  • Bi-directional integrations with messaging partners: Mixpanel can be used in combination with leading messaging tools like Airship, Iterable, OneSignal, and many more to send in-app messages at critical moments in the user journey.

You can try RudderStack(a Customer Data Platform) for free to send data to Mixpanel (free up to 1 million events per month). RudderStack offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. See RudderStack's pricing.

In order to keep the event names clean, you should describe the action or the event as it happens. Also, consistency is key – you should decide on the casing to be used and the even spacing of the event names. Different businesses collect and name their data differently. However, it is highly recommended to use title casing and spaces instead of using camelCase or snake_case.

The Mixpanel API allows you to access and use the data that Mixpanel analyzes. This API is RESTful, and the responses are returned in JSON format. Mixpanel provides several types of APIs.

Refer to our step-by-step docs

Mixpanel's API supports a range of functionalities. With the Ingestion API, you can get your data, such as live events, historical imports, and user profile data, into Mixpanel. The Query API allows you to retrieve the same calculated data that powers Mixpanel's web application, including insights, funnels, retention, and custom JQL queries. The Raw Data Export API enables you to obtain your event data directly or by uploading to a cloud bucket. If you're looking to export Mixpanel data to your own data warehouse, the Data Pipelines API is the tool for you. It eliminates the need to build complex connectors, maintain exporting code, and apply ad-hoc data transformations. Finally, the Lexicon Schemas API is used to manage your data definitions in Lexicon and Data Audit​.

You can use Mixpanel's Connectors API or if you do not wish to deal with the API and its changes, you can use RudderStack. You can batch import large volumes of data into Mixpanel from a cloud bucket. This makes it easy to integrate extensive datasets into your Mixpanel workflow​.

Mixpanel offers the ability to create highly-customized dashboards that include a variety of visualization options. This includes drag-and-drop cards that can be resized, customizable dashboard descriptions, and the ability to filter by cohorts and properties. This makes it easy to distinguish trends and segments and view your metrics from any lens, all in one place. Additionally, you can set up email digests to receive weekly updates on any dashboard​.

Mixpanel enables user segmentation based on both actions they take and don't take within your product. Known as behavioral segmentation, this feature allows you to define cohorts of users who did not perform specific actions that you deem important. For example, users who placed an order last week, but did not this week. From there, you can sync the cohort to your engagement marketing tool of choice to deliver targeted communications like an email or push notification​1.

Refer to our step-by-step docs

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About Mixpanel

Mixpanel is an analytics platform that lets you track in-app user interactions, helping you build better products, manage retention and fully optimize your customer experience. RudderStack significantly simplifies implementation of Mixpanel, making it easy to send user data and user profiles from your mobile app (Apple’s iOS, Android). In addition to tracking mobile applications, you can send page views and other user behavior data from your website. Once you install one of RudderStack’s SDKs, all you need is your Mixpanel project token (from your Mixpanel account) and you can start tracking all kinds of data for all kinds of use cases.