What you can do with Microsoft Azure Synapse Analytics

Perform data exploration, integration, warehousing, analytics, and machine learning - all in a single environment

Leverage Azure’s serverless or dedicated resources to handle your data workloads

Ingest your data in a code-free manner with more than 95 data connectors

Explore your relational and non-relational data residing in your data lake with the same service that you’ve used to build your data warehouse

Skip the tedious infrastructure management tasks with Synapse Analytics’ comprehensive, end-to-end management and monitoring capabilities

This integration is on the roadmap

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Collect, Store, and Analyze Your Data Using RudderStack and Azure Synapse Analytics

With RudderStack, you can seamlessly send your event data from a variety of data sources to Azure Synaptics. All you need to do is configure Azure Synaptics as a destination in RudderStack. Once enabled, events collected by RudderStack will automatically start flowing to Azure Synaptics in real-time. You also need not define a warehouse schema before sending your event data, as RudderStack will automatically do that for you.

By Integrating Azure Synapse Analytics with RudderStack, you can:

  • Warehouse your data from multiple sources seamlessly in real-time
  • Avoid tedious, time-consuming warehouse schema definitions
  • Perform cutting-edge analytics on your warehoused data without worrying about its consistency