LinkedIn Ads Integration

Connect LinkedIn Ads and send data from LinkedIn Ads with Rudderstack.

Integrating LinkedIn Ads with RudderStack allows you to receive data from LinkedIn Ads without writing any code. Once the source is configured, all that is left is simply adding a data warehouse, and events will start flowing with the schedule you choose. No need to bother your engineering team with another integration request.

Add LinkedIn Ads in RudderStack as a source and:

  • Import your ad campaigns' data into your data warehouse, or select only the specific resources you need.
  • Understand how much you spend, analyze your ad campaign performance and drill down to the individual ad level.
  • Combine data with ad spend from different channels, sales data from your CRM, billing, or support data, and discover, which channels and campaigns bring revenue and leads to you.
Available via webhookAdd LinkedIn Ads as a source in RudderStack by enabling a webhook source in your RudderStack dashboard, then using our Transformations feature to re-shape the incoming payload. Once configured, RudderStack will send data from your LinkedIn Ads source to any destinations you connect. (Note, you will need to configure outbound webhooks in LinkedIn Ads.)
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