What you can do with Kubit

Analyze conversion rates between each step of the customer journey on your site. Understand why users dropped out or how user cohorts retain over time.

Get full control over your data and complete transparency of how every analysis is constructed.

Run automated diagnostics to analyze hundreds of signals efficiently.

Discover data patterns and identify potential data quality issues using machine learning.

Collaborate across teams using workspaces that enable cohesive communication with features like cross-chart annotations and investigation boards.

How to set up the Kubit integration

Kubit can directly consume data from your cloud data warehouse, so you do not have to configure it as a destination in RudderStack separately.


Send event data to Kubit for seamless product analytics

RudderStack lets you collect your user event data from a variety of web and mobile apps and send it to Kubit for no-code product analytics without requiring an explicit integration or configuration. Kubit picks all the warehoused data sent via RudderStack and uses it to get a single source of truth for all your customers. You can write your own queries and build reports for a variety of use-cases without having to depend on any other data source.