What you can do with Google Sheets

Create, edit, and collaborate with individuals or groups from various devices (phone, tablet, or computer)

Make simultaneous edits and comments in real-time

Track changes made to the spreadsheet by viewing the Version History option and roll back to any of the previous versions

Simplify everyday spreadsheet tasks with built-in formulas, pivot tables, charts, and conditional formatting options

Get a 360-view of your data through informative summaries or pre-populated charts

Using Google Sheets is easy. However, updating Google Sheets manually with data from different sources is a very tedious task. Also, managing complex equations running through multiple tabs can be very challenging.

RudderStack saves you from all the manual steps and lets you configure Google Sheets via a simple integration.

How to Set up Google Sheets Integration

It’s effortless! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Google Sheets as a destination in RudderStack and get started within minutes!


Manage your Data Efficiently with Google Sheets and RudderStack

With RudderStack, you can send your data to Google Sheets without writing or installing any code. Once you enable Google Sheets as a destination, you can use RudderStack to send the events to Google Sheets in real-time. Google Sheets allow you to create and update spreadsheets automatically in real-time. 

By Setting Google Sheets as a Destination in RudderStack, you can:

  • Capture details of the visiting user and details of the webpage URLs visited
  • Track all actions performed by the user along with additional properties and send them over to Google Sheets
  • Record when a user sees their mobile screen along with any associated optional properties