What you can do with Facebook App Events

Effectively track all your user actions across your mobile apps and web pages without needing any special tool or SDK

Use the event data for analytics and performance measurement

Segment your audiences efficiently for purposeful ad targeting

Installing and setting up Facebook App Events manually can be quite a long and tedious process. First, you need to install the Facebook SDKs in your apps. There are separate SDKs for Android and iOS, as well as a dedicated JavaScript library you need to install to collect Facebook events from your website. Then, these SDKs need to be configured and functions that record the user actions need to be added to your code manually.

By integrating RudderStack with Facebook App Events, you can avoid all the manual coding and custom configurations, and get started in no time.

How to set up Facebook App Events Integration

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Facebook App Events as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Use RudderStack to Send Event Data From Your Mobile Apps Into Facebook App Events

Using RudderStack’s iOS or Android SDK, you can now seamlessly send your customer event data to Facebook App Events. Once the integration is set up and enabled, all your events automatically start flowing to Facebook App Events. This can then be used for effective analytics and insight-building.

By Adding Facebook App Events Support for RudderStack, you can:

  • Track, collect and send your event data to Facebook App Events in real-time
  • Send the event data to Facebook App Events from your Android or iOS app without worrying about the format of the data
  • Use the native SDKs to send the event data to Facebook securely
  • Associate key properties of the event data such as email, first name, last name, etc. to the related properties of Facebook App Event for easy analytics