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Databricks Delta Lake integration with RudderStack

Reliable data management with Databricks Delta Lake and RudderStack

Rudderstack makes it easy to securely send data to Delta Lake. The data sent to Delta Lake via RudderStack is cleaned or formatted, so you can directly pick it up for analysis. After successfully configuring Delta Lake as a destination, your event data will automatically sync with Databricks Delta Lake.

By adding Databricks Delta Lake as a destination in Rudderstack, you can:

  • Combine and store data from different sources in one single place
  • Deliver real-time data insights and analytics directly via your data lake
  • Eliminate the need to clean or format your data before using it for analytics

What you can do with Databricks Delta Lake

Maintain a single source of truth for all your data and enable teams to work with the most current data

Ensure secure data sharing of your data assets with suppliers and partners across your organization

Quickly build and maintain data pipelines that deliver high-quality data with Delta Live Tables (DLT)

Run batch and streaming operations on one simplified architecture to avoid complex, redundant systems, and operational challenges

Record all past transactions on your data lake to easily access and use previous versions of your data to meet compliance standards

How to set up the Databricks Delta Lake Integration

It’s simple! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Databricks Delta Lake as a destination in Rudderstack, and get started quickly.

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