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Don't go through the pain of direct integration. RudderStack’s Jekyll integration makes it easy to send data from Jekyll to App Center and all of your other cloud tools.
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Easy Jekyll to App Center integration with RudderStackRudderStack’s open source Jekyll integration allows you to integrate RudderStack with your Jekyll to track event data and automatically send it to App Center. With the RudderStack Jekyll integration, you do not have to worry about having to learn, test, implement or deal with changes in a new API and multiple endpoints every time someone asks for a new integration.Popular ways to use App Center and RudderStack
Easily send lifecycle eventsAutomatically send app lifecycle events to App Center.
Track custom eventsUse existing data to send custom user behavior events to App Center.
Easily manage consentEasily send opt-in/opt-out and consent data to App Center.
Frequently Asked Questions

With Rudderstack, integration between Jekyll and App Center is simple. Set up a Jekyll source and start sending data.

Pricing Jekyll and App Center can vary based on the way they charge. Check out our pricing page for more info. Or give us a try for FREE.

Timing can vary based on your tech stack and the complexity of your data needs for Jekyll and App Center.

Yes, RudderStack streamlines the integration and management of your connection between Jekyll & App Center, but you check out our guide on How to Event Stream Data from Your Jekyll Site to Google Analytics Using RudderStack to learn how to connect the tools manually.

Use the App Center integration with other popular sources
Use the Jekyll integration with other popular destinations
About App Center

App Center is Microsoft's cross-platform build automation and management platform. It allows you to manage your app's lifecycle seamlessly. With App Center, you can automate your builds, test your apps in the cloud effectively and monitor their real-time usage with the help of crash data and analytics.