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Connect Amplitude and send data to Amplitude with Rudderstack.
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RudderStack's integration with Amplitude lets you power your tech stack by sending your event data to Amplitude for real-time, cross-platform analytics without any custom configuration or coding. The event data you send to Amplitude through RudderStack can be used for better understanding your customers, and using the insights to drive your product strategy efficiently and build better products.

By Integrating RudderStack with Amplitude, You Can:

  • Identify unique users as well as capture traits specific to them, and send it across to Amplitude securely
  • Segment user data based on attributes such as demographics, geographic location, user type which helps businesses user behavior patterns and trends among different user segments, and understand how different user groups are interacting with their products.
  • Track and collect event data from the devices across the web and mobile platforms in real-time
  • Improve customer experience by recording information about the visited web pages, user activities, and other customer data for better behavioral analysis
  • Create and customize dashboards, build visual representations of data that capture the customer journey with insights from various data sources.
  • Provide robust visualizations that allow businesses to create visual representations of their KPIs with rich charts and graphs.
  • Support A/B testing functionality by providing the tools to run experiments, measure results, and optimize their product development efforts based on data-driven insights.
Frequently Asked Questions

Amplitude is a widely-used third-party Product analytics provider that provides businesses with actionable insights and data-driven recommendations based on their data.

You can start using RudderStack and send data to Amplitude for free (up to 1,000,000 events per month). RudderStack offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. You can get started with a free plan, see RudderStack's pricing.

Amplitude Analytics helps businesses measure, analyze, and optimize their products and strategies based on metrics and data. It is a popular product analytics platform that helps stakeholders understand user behavior and tweak the right product features to obtain better business outcomes. Amplitude makes it easier for businesses to improve their product, understand user journey better, boost customer relations, and drive business growth.

Amplitude offers a suite of product analytics tools that are designed to help businesses measure, analyze, and optimize their digital products and user experiences. Those range from cohort behavioral analysis to attribution analysis and A/B testing.

With Amplitude, you can leverage the latest trends in Data Science and Business Intelligence to better understand your customers and develop product features that resonate with them.

Marketing teams can analyze user behavior, engagement metrics, conversion rates, and other key metrics, Amplitude can also identify areas that need optimization and suggest improvements which helps businesses make informed decisions and prioritize optimization efforts based on real data.

Amplitude also enables product teams to analyze how users are engaging with their products, how often they are using specific features, and how they are navigating through the product. This helps product managers understand user behavior, identify patterns, and uncover insights that can inform product development decisions.

Amplitude Analytics can integrate with various systems such as CRM, allowing customer success teams to combine user behavior data with customer data from the CRM. Additionally, it also allows customer success teams to monitor customer health and engagement metrics, such as product usage frequency, session duration, and feature adoption. With these metrics, customer success teams can identify customers who may be at risk of churn, engage technical support teams to help remediate any issues that may surface.

Ultimately, Amplitude helps you understand customer behavior, plan initiatives that increase customer engagement and retention, and drive your business revenue.

Amplitude Analytics and Mixpanel are both popular product analytics tools that provide insights into user behavior and engagement for web and mobile applications. Amplitude Analytics is known for its event-based tracking where events are defined as user actions or behaviors that are captured and analyzed in the platform.

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About Amplitude

Amplitude is a comprehensive SaaS based product analytics platform for the web as well as mobile apps (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). Over 12,000 companies use Amplitude analytics to get useful marketing and product insights that drive product strategy, conversion, retention of their customers, and high reviews in the app store.

RudderStack’s Amplitude integration means you can send data directly to your Amplitude instance using only your Amplitude API key (meaning no custom tracking work on xcode, cocoapods, carthage, objective-c or Swift!). That means it’s easy to configure event types to track things like checkout flows and session events with custom event properties and user properties across new users and existing users.