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Ambassador integration with RudderStack

Flexible, Powerful, and Secure Referral Marketing with RudderStack and Ambassador

With RudderStack, you can seamlessly send your event data from a variety of event sources to Ambassador. All you need to do is configure Ambassador, as a destination in RudderStack. Once enabled, events collected by RudderStack will automatically start flowing to Ambassador, in real-time.

By Integrating Ambassador, with RudderStack, you can:

  • Eliminate the need for manual instrumentation and get all your event data across multiple sources to Ambassador
  • Track real-time customer events along with the relevant contextual information to understand user behavior
  • Map campaigns to specific URLs and eliminate creating duplicate event tracking code

What you can do with Ambassador

Identify the relevant stakeholders - including customers, affiliates, influencers, advocates, and more

Build targeted and personalized referral campaigns and loyalty programs to enroll your stakeholders and engage with them

Optimize your referral and loyalty programs to engage with your customers effectively

Reward your most loyal customers with different incentives such as cash, points, credits, or gift cards

Leverage the easy-to-use visual editors to design intuitive campaigns and workflows

This integration is on the roadmap

Schedule time with our solutions engineering team to learn about timing and help prioritize this integration.



How can we help you?

What is Ambassador used for?

Ambassador is a affiliate marketing tool that enables marketing and customer-focused teams to build better customer experiences.

Is it hard to set up Ambassador?

Difficulty can vary based on your existing technology and the complexity of your processes. Many users choose to simplify implementation by sending data through secure affiliate marketing integration tools like RudderStack.

How much does it cost to integrate Ambassador with RudderStack?

Pricing for Ambassador can vary depending on your use case and data volume. RudderStack offers transparent, volume-based event pricing. See RudderStack's pricing.

What is Ambassador?

Ambassador is a marketing referral software that lets you acquire more customers, retain your most loyal ones, and build sustainable, long-lasting relationships with them.

Who uses Ambassador Referral Marketing Platform?

Most commonly it is used by Mid-size Companies and the Information Technology & Services industry.

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