What you can do with Amazon Kinesis

Fully managed service with no requirement of manual infrastructure administration

Support for high flexibility with the capability to process large volumes of data at very low latencies

Allows you to ingest and process data in real-time so that you don’t miss out on any insights

Rich support for machine learning, advanced analytics, and IoT capabilities to build state-of-the-art data applications

In order to set up Amazon Kinesis, you need to manually configure a Kinesis stream. You also need to install and configure the Kinesis API libraries and SDKs into your code for each event property that you wish to track. Optionally, you will have to learn the more advanced methods to access the Kinesis API and implement additional advanced functionalities.

RudderStack allows you to skip all these manual steps, and configure Amazon Kinesis seamlessly, through a simple integration.

How to set up Amazon Kinesis Integration

It’s very easy! Use our step-by-step guide to set up Amazon Kinesis as a destination in RudderStack, and get started in no time at all.


Use RudderStack to Send Event Data Into Amazon Kinesis

With RudderStack, you can now configure Amazon Kinesis as a destination. Once enabled, you will be able to ingest, buffer, and process your event data in real-time without any hassle. You can use the RudderStack cloud mode to track and collect event data from a variety of data sources such as your website or mobile apps. You can then dump this data directly into your Amazon Kinesis stream.

By Adding Amazon Kinesis Support for RudderStack, you can:

  • Track, collect and send customer event data to your Amazon Kinesis streams
  • Send data into Kinesis without worrying about its authenticity and format
  • Easily set up your Kinesis stream on the RudderStack dashboard without any hassle
  • Ingest real-time data for machine learning, analytics or any other purpose of your choice