Overcome the Limitations of GA4

Use RudderStack to supercharge GA4 and pave the way for more sophisticated analytics

Top companies trust RudderStack to fuel richer analytics

How to implement GA4 for attribution that actually works

Fuel GA4 with server-side tracking to optimize site performance and minimize data loss from ad blockers while leveraging client-side tracking to unlock vital capabilities like attribution and remarketing.

No more client-side conundrums

GA4 requires client-side tracking for key functions, but client-side tracking is notoriously susceptible to ad blockers, and it requires instrumenting the front end with performance killing code.

RudderStack gives you GA4's full functionality without slowing your site down.

No more server-side struggles

Server-side tracking is ad blocker resilient and reduces the amount of code required to load client-side. This means faster sites and less data loss, but key GA4 functions don’t support server-side data.

RudderStack always delivers server-side events, even when leveraging GA4's client-side features.

Get the best of both worlds with a server-side-first hybrid deployment

Faster site performance

Use server-side tracking whenever possible to load less code client-side for optimal performance

Ad blocker resilience

Capture data in spite of ad blockers to regain large volumes of data that were previously unavailable

Full power GA4

Use client-side tracking when needed to unlock key GA4 capabilities

One step GA4 hybrid deployment with RudderStack

Hybrid implementation with the tools Google provides is complicated. RudderStack’s GA4 integration provides a simple hybrid deployment that automatically delivers the best of both worlds.

Go beyond GA4 🚀

Even with a hybrid deployment, you’ll still run into limitations with GA4. But with RudderStack as your data layer, you can send data to GA4 and your data warehouse where you can build sophisticated analytics to answer harder questions.