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A/B testing on warehouse data with Eppo and RudderStack

What we will cover:

  • Phantom’s Journey to Warehouse-first with RudderStack
  • Benefits of the warehouse native data stack
  • Unlocking warehouse-native AB experimentation with Eppo


Sara Mashfej

Sara Mashfej

Developer Relations at RudderStack

Sara leads RudderStack's developer relations and provides content, education, and workshops to help grow the RudderStack user community.
Chetan Sharma

Chetan Sharma

Founder & CEO of Eppo

As one of the first data scientists at Airbnb and Webflow, Che has been focused on the maturity curve of growth stage companies and how to establish data as a central stakeholder of decision making. Che previously led the team that developed Airbnb's knowledge repo, and has led data teams focused on production machine learning and instrumentation integrity.
Ricardo Pinho

Ricardo Pinho

Senior Data Engineer at Phantom

Ricardo specializes in warehouse-first approaches, scalable data warehouses, and data pipelines for data-driven decision making. At Phantom, he builds analytics, experimentation, and real-time data streaming platforms from scratch.