Unlock AI-driven personalization with RudderStack & Snowflake

What we will cover:

  • Ensuring Data Quality - Wyze uses RudderStack to capture and govern first-party behavioral and clickstream data from their website and mobile apps, and automatically sends it to marketing tools like Braze for real-time activation and to Snowflake for analytics and AI use cases.
  • Identity resolution and customer 360 - Wyze uses RudderStack to automatically generate an identity graph that represents the entire customer journey. Building on the identity graph, they can easily generate the data points needed by their AI and customer engagement teams (number_abandoned_carts_last_7_days, avg_cart_amount_last_90_days, etc.)
  • Syncing warehouse data to business tools - Using RudderStack, Wyze can sync their most valuable customer data directly from Snowflake’s data cloud to the business tools that their customer engagement and product teams are using.


Eric Dodds
Eric DoddsHead of Product Marketing
Wei Zhou
Wei ZhouDirector of Data Engineering, Wyze
Pei Guo
Pei GuoSenior Data Scientist, Wyze