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Joybird retools their customer data stack using RudderStack, Snowflake, and Iterable

April 20

1 Hour

Joybird's warehouse-first data stack

Founded in 2014, Joybird is an online-first direct-to-consumer manufacturer of high-quality, customizable furniture inspired by mid-century modern designs. Now a La-Z-Boy subsidiary, the company operates showrooms in Brooklyn, Washington, D.C., Chicago, and Los Angeles, but the bulk of its sales go through its website.

Learn how the Joybird Team uses Snowflake, Iterable, and RudderStack to understand how hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors navigate the website, experience their customer journeys, and complete purchases.

What we will cover:

  • Data Engineering reduced the time spent on building new integrations and managing data pipelines by 93%
  • Marketing team is now able to spin up new campaigns in an hour, down from 2 weeks
  • Front-End team significantly reduced total time spent on implementing new event tracking dimensions on any given sprint from 15% to 1%


Brett Trani


Brett Trani

Director of Analytics at Joybird

AJ von Massenhausen


AJ von Massenhausen

ISV Partner Manager at Snowflake

Kevin Zhou


Kevin Zhou

Partner Manager, Technology at Iterable

Eric Dodds


Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing at RudderStack
Eric leads Product Marketing at RudderStack and has a long history of helping companies build practical data stacks to fuel growth.

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