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Easy A/B testing with RudderStack

Office Hours

January 11

12:00 PM ET

RudderStack makes it easy for users to create a data warehouse destination that contains all their core business metrics and events. However, using this data to run controlled experiments typically has not been easy, and usually required running manual reports or sending data to expensive 3rd party applications. In this session I’ll show you just how easy it is to have a customized A/B testing platform that uses your RudderStack data with a new open-source tool called GrowthBook, and talk about why you should be A/B testing everything. Finally I will share some best practices from top companies when running an experimentation program, and how you can leverage your existing RudderStack data to make your company more successful.


Graham McNicoll

Graham McNicoll

Founder of GrowthBook

Pradeep Sharma

Pradeep Sharma

Developer Relations, RudderStack

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