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Data Governance API Feature Walk-through

Duration: 10 minutes

This feature walk-through explains the details our Data Governance API, which our customers use to pull rich diagnostic data about their event stream.

Eric uses a real-world example to explore the endpoints and walk through a troubleshooting process to help downstream teams clean up data.

What we will cover:

  • Use the models endpoint to pull all of the various events that have come through a data plane or a specific source
  • Use the versions endpoint to pull schema versions for a particular event
  • Use the metadata endpoint to pull event metadata and view a 'master schema' for a particular event
  • Use the key count endpoint to count keys on the master schema
  • Use the missing keys endpoint to compare an event version to the master schema for that event
  • Q&A


Eric Dodds


Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing at RudderStack
Eric leads Product Marketing at RudderStack and has a long history of helping companies build practical data stacks to fuel growth.

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