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Complete Customer Journeys & Attribution With Shopify Data


Thursday July 27, 2023

12:00 PM EST

Watch this episode of the Shopify eCommerce Coffee Break podcast with Claus Lautner to hear from our Head of Customer Engineering, Benji Walvoord, and Head of Product Marketing, Eric Dodds. The Group discusses how you can collect, unify, and activate your customer data and shares insights about customer journeys & attribution with Shopify data.

What we will cover:

  • Different data sources in a Shopify store
  • How Shopify merchants can effectively handle the complexity of data from multiple sources
  • Why it’s crucial to ensure that data flows in the correct direction in Shopify
  • How data attribution helps Shopify merchants gain an understanding of their business
  • The benefits of using Shopify's built-in tools for managing data


Benji Walvoord

Benji Walvoord

Benji has a long history of building data-driven startups in the healthcare and e-commerce industries. He's also an ultra-marathoner which he claims is only to compensate for being an Arsenal supporter.
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing

Leads the Marketing team at RudderStack
Claus Lauter

Claus Lauter

Host, Ecommerce Coffee Break Podcast

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