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Data teams use RudderStack to increase the value of data and make their stack more flexible, secure, and cost-efficient

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Guide: 9 ways data teams deliver value while reducing cost

Download our guide to learn how to build a thriving data team in economic uncertainty, and explore three architectures that make your data stack more cost-efficient.

Eliminate low-value integrations work

Save precious time and resources. RudderStack's out-of-the-box integrations and flexible pipelines offload manual work so your data team can focus projects that impact your business.
BEFORE: Brittle in-house pipelines, 2 weeks to fulfill new data requests, error-prone data cleaning in CSVsAFTER: Consistent data in warehouse and email automation tool, Reduced data request fulfillment to 1 hour

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Make your stack more efficient with RudderStack

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Replace CDPs with RudderStack & your warehouse

You have already invested in your warehouse. Unlock its full value with RudderStack and say goodbye to expensive legacy CDPs.
BEFORE: Limited integrations and data syncs, multiple sources of truth, no ID resolution or Reverse-ETLAFTER: Warehouse powers ID resolution and becomes center of CDP, pricing based on usage of owned infrastructure

Move faster with adaptable infrastructure

Get the most out of your data. RudderStack's flexible pipelines and Transformations empower data teams to quickly adapt to changing needs and requirements, all while enforcing security and compliance.

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