How Grofers uses RudderStack for cross-platform tracking

Grofers is a leading online supermarket and delivery platform


  • Managing cross-platform customer event streams
  • Leveraging their large volume of event data to make data-driven decisions


  • Collect real-time customer events across multiple websites and mobile apps
  • Understand customers’ product journey, track conversions, and build behavior-based user cohorts for more efficient marketing and sales
  • Leverage their large volume of event data to power their product personalization and recommendation use-cases

Grofer’s Data Stack

  • Data Collection and Synchronization:
    RudderStack SDKs
  • Data Validation:
    RudderStack Data Governance API
  • Data Warehouse, Data Lake:
    Amazon Redshift, Amazon S3

Grofer's data challenges

Grofers is a popular Indian online supermarket that specializes in delivering groceries, fresh fruits, and vegetables, home and kitchen appliances, personal care products, etc., at affordable prices. Founded in 2013, Grofers has over 5000 partner stores across India and delivers over 25,000 products to millions of customers each month. From a data engineering perspective, this translates to a large volume of data - both in terms of transactions as well as user interactions with the product.

Tracking and capturing this high volume of data was a major challenge for Grofers. The customers shopping on their web and mobile apps generated roughly between 5 to 6 billion events per month. This required building advanced data workflow and management processes. As this event volume scaled, Grofers’ data team needed a robust solution that could manage their event streams across platforms.


The scale of our event data is on a completely different level. We use RudderStack to capture all data related to product usage and impressions on our consumer applications and deliver that data to teams across the company.

Satyam Krishna, Data Engineering Team Lead, Grofers

Leveraging Real-time Data to Test New Product Features

Being a data-driven company, Grofers has implemented its decision-making processes through decentralized teams that focus on different aspects of its business. Each department across the company has its own data team that helps them leverage data to track important business metrics. The data engineering team captures all their real-time event data with RudderStack and routes the relevant data to each of these department-specific data teams for their use-cases.

For example, the product teams make extensive use of real-time user event data to understand how customers are using their product. With these insights, they are able to optimize their existing product features and implement A/B tests to measure the impact of new features before they are launched.

Driving Personalization Across Functions

With the real-time event streams, Grofers’ data scientists can track and understand the customer journey across their website and mobile apps. They build and refine rich user cohorts and custom audiences based on their product behavior and traits enabling:

Customized campaigns

Marketing and sales deliver personalized campaigns for these cohorts to boost conversions and revenue.

Personalized product recommendations

Grofers built a best-in-class recommendation engine that leverages customer event data to offer personalized product recommendations to their users.

Advanced merchandising

Hundreds of vendors advertise and sell their products on Grofers’ platform. Grofers provides these vendors with insights identifying top-selling products to help them optimize their advertising spend on the Grofers’ platform and inform their future product decisions.


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