Apploi reduces costs and builds a solid data foundation by switching to RudderStack


  • Apploi reduced costs and gained functionality by Switching to RudderStack
  • RudderStack's straightforward migration process and exceptional support ensured a smooth transition
  • Apploi is now equipped to easily scale data integration as the company grows
  • RudderStack’s Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform gives Apploi tools to unlock new use cases as their data needs evolve

Key Stats

  • 35% cost reduction compared to Segment
  • Successfully migrated in 30 days
  • Able to get more value from their Snowflake data warehouse

RudderStack's support team was exceptional. They were always open to answer any questions, and even proactively monitored our integrations to ensure everything was running smoothly.

—Mayra Jacqueline Sanchez Rosario, Data Engineering Manager at Apploi


Apploi is transforming how healthcare hires with an all-in-one workforce management platform built to hire, onboard, and schedule top healthcare talent. Working with over 9,000 healthcare organizations across the United States, the NYC-based tech company helps leaders solve the industry's most pressing problem: how to provide superb care in the midst of a candidate shortage.

Challenge: MTU limits and rising costs with Segment

During a period of rapid growth, Apploi began regularly exceeding their monthly MTU limits with Segment. The MTU-based pricing became impractical for their business. Apploi had been using Segment for nearly seven years to track and manage their event data, but they knew they needed a better solution moving forward.

"One of the issues that we had with Segment was the MTU-based pricing. We started to hit that MTU limit and the monthly expense became very unpredictable," explained Mayra, a manager on Apploi's data engineering team.

Apploi needed to get out from under their expanding Segment contract and stop paying painful overages every month. They needed a new solution with a smooth migration that could provide similar (or more) functionality at a more cost-effective price point.

Solution: Migrating to RudderStack for cost savings and enhanced features

Apploi chose to migrate from Segment to RudderStack after also considering other options like Heap. RudderStack's Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform gave them a solution that could scale with their business and enable them to take full advantage of their Snowflake data warehouse.

RudderStack's event-based pricing model proved to be a better fit for Apploi's needs. It allowed them to track and manage their data without the constraints of MTU limits so they could scale efficiently. Additionally, RudderStack's comprehensive Segment migration guides made it a smooth transition.

"The migration was straightforward, and we were able to mimic and replicate everything from Segment to RudderStack," noted Mayra.

It only took Apploi 30 days to migrate from Segment to RudderStack seamlessly transitioning all of their front-end events. The only challenge they encountered was a minor snag integrating the Python SDK, but RudderStack's support team was quick to assist and resolve the issue.

"RudderStack's support team was exceptional," said Mayra. "They were always open to answer any questions and even proactively monitored our integrations to ensure everything was running smoothly."

Results: Significant cost savings and more value from their Snowflake data warehouse

Since migrating to RudderStack, Apploi has seen a 35% reduction in costs compared to Segment. This significant cost saving has allowed the company to allocate more resources towards other critical areas of their business.

In addition to the cost benefits, RudderStack’s warehouse native approach has enabled Apploi to get more from their Snowflake data warehouse. RudderStack’s robust Snowflake integrations makes it easy for Apploi to get frontend and backend events into Snowflake where they can be used to drive advanced insights.

"We use RudderStack to send information to Snowflake, our data warehouse, and then combine the information from the transactional database with events using dbt to create new views," explained Mayra. "With these new views, we create reports that give us valuable insights into user behavior and platform performance."

Looking ahead: Expanding event tracking and exploring new features

With the successful migration to RudderStack, Apploi is now focusing on expanding their event tracking to include their newly acquired product, Schedule. As more customers adopt Oncall, Apploi is glad to have a cost-effective event-tracking solution in place. They plan to use RudderStack to track users across all of their platforms to understand the entire customer journey.

Apploi is also excited to explore other features offered by RudderStack as the company grows and continues its data maturity journey. Products such as Profiles – which makes it easy to create a customer 360 in the warehouse, and deliver complete customer profiles to power use cases for every team – enable Apploi to unlock new use cases without procuring and implementing new tools. "As our data needs evolve, we are confident that RudderStack will continue to provide the tools and support we need to succeed," said Mayra.

Apploi's migration from Segment to RudderStack has already been a resounding success. They’re saving 35% compared to Segment, getting more value out of Snowflake, and are now poised for success as they continue to scale. With RudderStack as their trusted customer data platform, Apploi is well-equipped to continue providing exceptional workforce management solutions to healthcare organizations across the United States.

Apploi Data Stack

Destinations: Gainsight PX, Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Snowflake
Sources: Javascript, Python, Salesforce
Warehouses: Snowflake


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