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Segment vs Tealium

Segment and Tealium are two competing solutions. See how each tool stacks up with data sources, pricing, features, and more. Request a demo to talk to our team and we'll help identify the right CDP for your use case.

About Segment

Segment is a CDP that helps companies collect first-party data and route it to downstream destinations.

About Tealium

Tealium is a provider of customer data orchestration tools aimed to address challenges in online search, analytics, marketing, and segment targeting. It helps clients solve their customer data integration challenges at the source The company connects customer data – spanning web, mobile, offline, and IoT devices, enabling brands to connect withtheir customers. Tealium's turnkey integration ecosystem supports over 1,300 client-side and server-side vendors and technologies, empowering brands to create a unified, real-time customer data infrastructure. The Tealium Customer Data Hub encompasses tag management, an API hub, a customer data platform with machine learning, and data management solutions that make customer data more valuable, actionable, and secure.





Data ingestion into Segment's platform and activation via third-party tools

Data collection & management; tag manager



# of Events collected with included service hours based on the volume tier

SDK Sources


10+ (contact Tealium for full list)

Warehouse Destinations

All major cloud data warehouses

All major cloud data warehouses and data lakes (only Redshift is native)

Cloud Destinations


Many (contact Tealium for full list)

Real-time Streaming

Real-time Cloud Destinations

Real-time Event Transformations

Yes; Segment Functions enables you to transform event payloads


Custom Sources

Yes; Segment Functions enables you to configure a webhook source


Custom Destinations

Yes; Segment Functions enables you to configure a webhook destination


Warehouse Sync-times

Max 24 syncs per day

1 Hour

Stores Copies of Your Data



Vendor Lock-in



Security Certifications

ISO 27001, ISO 27017, ISO 27018, SOC 2

HIPAA, ISO 27001 and 27018 and SSAE18 SOC 2 Type II

Deployment Options

Cloud only

Tag manager; Cloud: Tealium or Self-hosted private cloud