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RudderStack vs

Hightouch emphasizes UI-based, no-code solutions for non-technical users like marketers. RudderStack is purpose built for data teams who want to build a CDP on their warehouse.

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Modern data teams choose RudderStack over Hightouch

RudderStack is the leading real-time, warehouse native CDP built for data teams. Hightouch is used primarily for no-code audience building and adtech.

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Compare RudderStack vs
Hightouch's features and functionality

Top RudderStack advantages




Reverse ETL connections


Starts at 2 destinations

Cloud destinations





Number of Destinations

Real-time Cloud Destinations

Real-time Event Transformations

Custom Sources

Custom Destinations

Feature accessibility

API, code, and UI

UI only

Deployment Options

Cloud, VPC, and Open Source


Data Pipelines & Integrations

Both RudderStack and Hightouch offer a variety of data pipelines and integration types.
This section breaks down the comparison across all major features and functionalities in this category. ‎




Real-time event streaming

Real-time event integrations

Real-time event transformations

Identity resolution


Simple (via UI)

User feature development

Advanced (via YAML config)

Simple (via Audience Builder flow)

Historical snapshots & metadata

Reverse ETL - table sync

Reverse ETL - SQL query sync

Reverse ETL - visual column mapping

Audience builder

User Profiles & Audiences

Hightouch is primarily a UI-based audience-building and data syncing tool for non-technical
users. Even features that seem competitive are clearly focused on the marketing person. However,
RudderStack is an end-to-end platform for data teams that gives them control over the entire flow of
customer data (collection, unification, activation) and advanced tools for solving identity resolution,
data enrichment, and real-time use cases.




Basic, UI-based identity resolution

Both RudderStack and Hightouch offer interfaces for basic identity resolution use cases.

Advanced, code-based identity resolution

Only RudderStack offers version-controllable, code-based identity resolution functionality for data teams solving complex identity resolution use cases.

Configurable identity graphs

Only RudderStack offers fully configurable, code-based identity graph generation that enables data teams to connect nodes and edges across all of the data in their warehouse.

Basic, UI-based trait creation

Both RudderStack and Hightouch offer interfaces for creation of basic traits.

Advanced, code-based user feature computation

Only RudderStack offers code-based feature computation for data teams that can handle any level of complexity required by the business.

Flexible feature table generation

Only RudderStack goes beyond trait creation and enables data teams to configure, schedule, and publish dedicated feature tables for every team and use case.

Configurable customer 360 table generation

Only RudderStack enables data teams to leverage their identity graph to build a customer 360 that the entire company can use as a single source of truth.

Historical snapshots and metadata

Only RudderStack automatically captures historical snapshots of identity graphs, feature tables, and their metadata, giving analysts and data scientists visibility into change over time.

Basic, UI-based audience creation

Both RudderStack and Hightouch offer interfaces for basic audience creation.

Advanced, code-based audience modeling

Only RudderStack offers data teams advanced, code-based modeling tools that support audience modeling for complex use cases on a wide variety of customer data types.

Machine Learning & Predictive Traits

RudderStack's robust, code-based identity graph and feature table functionality serves as a foundation
for both out-of-the-box and customizable ML modeling on event data directly in your warehouse.
Hightouch does not offer ML capabilities.



Machine Learning & Predictive Traits

Out-of-the-box churn prediction
Only RudderStack offers out-of-the-box churn prediction that can run on any event data in your warehouse.

Out-of-the-box lead scoring
Only RudderStack offers out-of-the-box lead scoring models that can run on any event data in your warehouse.

Configurable ML models
Only RudderStack offers data teams the ability to configure ML models using python to match the specific needs of their business.

Automatic training with warehouse data
Only RudderStack offers data teams the ability to leverage event data in their warehouse to automatically run training jobs, observe model quality, and tune models over time.


RudderStack is proudly delivering award-winning support to its customers (check us out on G2!).
We offer web, email, and dedicated slack channels for support as well as dedicated customer
success and technical account management in accordance with your payment tier.





Slack Community

Public, open to everyone

⚠️ Private, customer-only

Dedicated Slack Channel

RudderStack provides dedicated slack channels for paid customers to get immediate and contextual support

Why choose RudderStack?

Built for data teams

RudderStack is open source and built for data teams, including Github integrations and an API-first approach to data collection and management, so you can seamlessly integrate it with your existing stack and workflow.

Full control with code

Hightouch limits data practitioners with a no-code UI for non-technical users. RudderStack's features can be run via API or code, including the fully customizable configuration for identity resolution.

Real-time integrations

RudderStack supports real-time integrations with over 200 tools, meaning you can send events directly to marketing, product and customer success tools, not just your data warehouse or data lake.

ML in your warehouse

Hightouch provides simple data modeling tools. RudderStack's advanced, code based identity resolution and feature development toolset now include out-of-the-box ML models for churn prediction and lead scoring—all in your warehouse with transparent, auditable code.

Integrated and end-to-end

Hightouch sells their products individually, impacting cost and the complexity of your stack. RudderStack is built for data teams who want centralized visibility and control over the entire data lifecycle.

Scalable, volume-based pricing

Our enterprise plan supports large data teams who need state of the art security and white-glove support. Get the full RudderStack Platform.

"We were using Hightouch for basic reverse ETL.
They had the ability to do some basic mapping of our data,
but it was nowhere near the level of maturity of your
data modeling and identity resolution features."

Data Leader, Publicly Traded Cloud Software Company

Features our customers love

Global, integrated monitoring and alerting

Get a real-time view of every event source, integration, warehouse sync, and modeling run. See performance under load, set up notifications and alerts in Slack, PagerDuty, OpsGenie and others.

Fully configurable warehouse identity resolution

Break free from limiting, UI-based identity resolution. Configure identity graphs of any complexity with code, then audit all of the generated SQL in your warehouse or data lake.

200+ real-time integrations

Route your events directly to over 200 destinations in real time to enable behavior-based campaigns, real-time personalization, and advanced analytics.

Hybrid mode integrations

Run key destinations like Braze, Google Analytics, LaunchDarkly and more in cloud and device mode concurrently for complete functionality and advanced use cases.

Real-time event transformations

Transform and enrich events in real time with version-controlled JavaScript or Python code to fix data, customize integrations, hit external APIs, and more.

API-first features

Run RudderStack features via API to enable version-controlled management of your stack, integration with your existing development workflow, and full control over granular configurations.

“When it came down to deciding the right solution, there wasn’t a question. We chose RudderStack as the foundation for our warehouse native customer data platform to enable data-driven personalized engagement online."

Chris Frye, Director of Digital Architecture, Crate and Barrel

Break free from the UI and

use dedicated data tooling

Build in your warehouse

RudderStack's powerful, code-based data modeling tools help you create value in your warehouse through comprehensive identity stitching, user feature development, and customizable ML models.

Supercharge audience building in any tool

Hightouch focuses on audience building in their own user interface. RudderStack helps you get the data right in your warehouse so teams can build audiences in the tool of their choice, whether that's their marketing platform, analytics tool, or RudderStack itself.

See RudderStack's powerful
data tooling in action

Want to see why data teams choose RudderStack to manage
the entire customer data lifecycle? Schedule a demo and get
connected with a solutions engineer.

Accelerate data activation
for every team

Marketing teams

Support marketing with the data and insights they need to drive campaign performance, deliver effective personalization, and improve customer experience.

Example: Marketing wants to enrich new customer profiles from an internal Redis data store

Product Teams

Collect data from all of your web and mobile apps with our high performance SDKs, enrich the data in your warehouse, and serve it to product analytics tools to drive customer insights and help your team build a deep understanding of the customer journey to increase retention and drive a smarter product roadmap.

Sales and Customer Success teams

Give your sales and support teams superpowers by delivering the complete customer profiles from your data warehouse directly to Salesforce, Hubspot, Zendesk or another CRM tool, so they’ll never perform outreach or schedule a call without the relevant context.

Hightouch's pricing is based on number of destinations, while RudderStack charges on event volume. An event can be any single user interaction, for example, a user log-in, an order complete, or a page view. The challenge with the destination model is if you have a product or company that has many destinations but a lower event volume you're going to be paying a premium for it. RudderStack charges only for the events.

Unlike Hightouch, RudderStack supports over 200 destinations, while Hightouch has 150.

RudderStack supports both real-time event destinations, real-time cloud event sources and real-time event transformations in JavaScript and Python.

Unlike Hightouch, RudderStack has both an open, public Slack community and a private dedicated Slack channel for paid customers to get immediate and contextual support.

Take control of your customer data.
Explore RudderStack today!

Our Free plan includes 1 million events per month, so you can explore and test the product.
Install an SDK, connect a destination, and see data start to flow.

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