RudderStack expands Data Governance and AI/ML features

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Even in an age of modern tooling, companies looking to unlock value from their customer data face major challenges related to compliance and data privacy regulations.

At RudderStack, we pioneered the warehouse native customer data platform centered on three core tenets that address these issues on an architectural level:

  1. Data ownership: your customer data already lives in your cloud data warehouse, so you shouldn't be subject to SaaS data siloes and the related compliance and duplication headaches
  2. Full control over compute, scheduling, and cost: compute costs that drive value, like generating an identity graph, should happen in your warehouse to ensure that 1) you have a full view of the customer across every touchpoint, 2) every business team gets fresh, consistent data, and 3) you can run queries that align with your cost control strategy
  3. Strategic flexibility: your business teams shouldn't have to learn a new tool—they should be able to bring any tool they want and be able to feed it with complete customer profiles

At RudderStack, we have launched a suite of compliance and governance products to build trust in your data beginning with consent management with our best-in-class OneTrust integration.

In addition, we are launching two products to accelerate AI adoption - AutoML for out-of-the-box prediction analytics with time-to-value measured in hours instead of months, and ProfilesML for richer predictive analytics built on the full view of your customer

Built-in compliance and governance

Our data governance tools cover the full lifecycle of customer data:

  • Collect User Consent: The ubiquitous cookie banner, while it may appear trivial, plays a pivotal role in complying with data privacy laws. RudderStack streamlines this process by offering out-of-the-box integration with a wide range of consent management systems including OneTrust.
  • Store User Consent: Mere collection of user consent is insufficient. Brands must ensure that user preferences are not only respected but also effectively enforced. For example, if a user opts out of marketing communications, it's essential to ensure that their data is not relayed onto marketing tools and that they do not receive marketing emails through backend systems. Things are further complicated by multiple user identities - users may have provided their consent while browsing anonymously but their consent must be preserved even when they login. RudderStack Profiles empowers businesses to securely store and manage user consent through their entire user journey from anonymous to known.
  • Handle Consent Updates and Deletion Requests: Users have the right to change their consent preferences at any time and request the deletion of their personal data. The deletion request must be handled across both internal and external systems. RudderStack's user suppression and deletion products provide a single point to execute such deletion requisitions across cloud systems as well as data-warehouse.
  • Manage Data Residency: The global data landscape is fragmented, with different countries enforcing strict regulations on the storage and processing of end-user data. This poses a significant challenge for multinational corporations with users spanning multiple geographic regions. RudderStack's Data Residency product simplifies the management of data residency requirements through a unified user interface, ensuring data is routed and stored complying with the geo requirements.
  • Control Data Sent to 3rd-Party SaaS Tools: Many countries have imposed restrictions on the types of data that can be sent to cloud-based destinations. For instance, Google Analytics is banned in several regions. This poses an intricate challenge for multinational brands. RudderStack empowers brands to enforce these restrictions effectively, allowing them to navigate the intricate web of data transfer regulations.

Tools to accelerate AI/ML

As the mandate to deliver AI-driven products increases, we are building infrastructure for data teams that help accelerate time to value on complex data initiatives.

  • AutoML (coming soon): AutoML provides out-of-the-box predictive insights such as calculating customer LTV, likelihood of churn, or next-best-action from Event Stream data significantly accelerating time-to-value
  • ProfilesML (Early Access): ProfilesML makes it easy to build predictive features on all of your customer data in your warehouse without getting bogged down with the complexity of MLOps.

Get started today

RudderStack enables companies to unlock value from their customer data with an enterprise-ready data governance feature set that builds trust in data across its entire lifecycle.

In addition, we have launched ML capabilities to enable organizations to generate predictive insights from event stream data with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.

Reach out to our team to get a demo of our platform today.

October 16, 2023
Soumyadeb Mitra

Soumyadeb Mitra

Founder and CEO of RudderStack