RudderStack Product News Vol. #013 - Destinations Re-design and New Integrations

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We have a new UI update to share along with several new integrations. Also, we'll dig into our latest series on migrating from Segment.

Destinations UI redesign

We recently announced the redesign of our sources UI and the team just completed an update for destinations view.

You can now click on tabs to quickly see connected Sources, Transformations applied to the destination, the Configuration (credentials), the Settings, and an Audit Log of changes made to the destination.

How to migrate from Segment

Many of our customers come to RudderStack from Segment as they re-architect their CDP to be warehouse-first. Our latest blog series offers step-by-step instructions for migrating, from the basics to more advanced topics like replicating Personas functionality in RudderStack.

The first post covers a basic migration in 4 steps, including code snippets:

  1. Setting up RudderStack
  2. Updating your SDK implementation
  3. Migrating your warehouse schemas
  4. Backfilling anonymousIDs from Segment
  5. Many of our customers can accomplish a basic migration in 1 week with 1 developer. Stay tuned for more posts in the coming weeks.

Integrations - Algolia Insights and ProfitWell Destinations

Algolia Insights

Algolia is a popular site search and discovery platform. With this integration, you can send RudderStack data directly to Algolia. Learn more in the docs.


ProfitWell is a business financial metrics platform that provides users with all their financial and subscription metrics in one place. This integration allows you to send RudderStack data to ProfitWell. Learn more in the docs.

Other happenings at RudderStack

How-to guide: Send data in 5 minutes using RudderStack. In this short guide, we walk you through using a Javascript SDK source to collect form submissions from a marketing site and send them to cloud tools ( in our example). Check out the post and our accompanying video, and you'll have data flowing in under 5 minutes. Give it a read.

On a recent episode of The Data Stack Show, Eric and Kostas from our team talk with James Serra, Data Platform Architecture Lead at EY. In the wide-ranging conversation about the modern data stack, James gives his thoughts on the data warehouse vs. data lake conversation and offers a thoughtful critique of data mesh.

Watch our latest technical session to learn how the team at Touchless used data interface design and an all-star set of tools (including RudderStack) to build a data flow that helped WaveDirect gain a comprehensive understanding of their customer journey, quadruple lead generation, and dominate search results.

September 21, 2021
Eric Dodds

Eric Dodds

Head of Product Marketing