Feature launch: Device mode Transformations

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RudderStack Transformations allow you to modify event data before it’s sent to your destinations. This enables critical use cases like removing personally identifiable information (PII) to comply with regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Our users love Transformations because they allow you to adapt to changing business needs with speed and agility. Until now, transformations could only be applied to cloud mode destinations, but that changes today.

Transformations are now available for device mode destinations, unlocking new possibilities for our customers using popular device mode tools like Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, and Braze. Device mode Transformations make it easier to meet security and compliance requirements, manage costs in destination cloud tools, and unlock advanced analytics.

What you can do with device mode Transformations

Device mode Transformations bring the ultimate flexibility delivered by Transformations to all of your device mode destinations, so you can implement high-value use cases. For example, now you can:

  • Remove PII from device mode connections to meet security and compliance needs
  • Filter events to reduce unnecessary data volume
  • Sample events being sent to SaaS tools to optimize spending
  • Generate synthetic events to enable more advanced analytics
  • Trigger Braze in-app notifications to customize your user experience

Device mode transformations are especially useful for migrating away from legacy tools like Google Tag Manager. Instead of using tags, You can use RudderStack’s pipelines to transport events from your website to various destinations. For ad conversion use cases, you can use device mode transformations to generate conversion events based on specified activity and send these downstream to your ad platforms.

"Device-mode transformations will enable us to send specific events to FullStory, unblocking a top priority item for our Growth team."

Chris Shih, Analytics Engineer at Grafana

We’re proud to introduce device mode Transformations to continue making RudderStack a more powerful tool for our customers.

How it works

With device mode transformations, RudderStack modifies a copy of your event data on the client side before sending it to the destination. This provides flexibility while avoiding potential data loss.

In the event that there are issues applying your transformations, the SDK makes three retry attempts. If it fails, the SDK either forwards the untransformed events or drops them, based on your configuration. You can choose to send the original, untransformed events as a fallback by toggling on Propagate errors in your configuration.

“Device mode transformations align with our value of building for data teams as they enable engineers and developers to work more efficiently and build powerful use cases.”

Badri Veeraragavan, Director of Product at RudderStack

Get started today

Device mode transformations are now available for all of our Enterprise customers, Check out the docs to get started. If you’re not a RudderStack customer and want to learn more, sign up for a demo to connect with our team. Transformations provide unmatched flexibility to send event data exactly how you need it, helping consolidate your analytics and marketing stacks on RudderStack.

Transform events for any use case

Request a demo with our team today to see Transformations in action and learn how you can use them to drive better business outcomes

January 9, 2024
Badri Veeraragavan

Badri Veeraragavan

Director of Product